There are always certain vacancies in every organization for which employers are not sure whether to hire a permanent employee or not. This dilemma can be resolved by Temp-to-hire services.

The growing trend for employers in recent years has been to use staffing services to fill their open position through a temp-to-permanent or temp-to-hire strategy. The benefit to the employer is the opportunity to test-drive the relationship between the candidate and his job role before making the full-time commitment to him.

Temp-to-hire position is something where the job candidate is typically paid on an hourly rate for specified contract duration. Following that contract duration, the employer of the company or the end client that has hired the candidate has the option to convert him/her as a permanent employee.

In most of the cases, there are 3, 6, 9 or maybe 12 months temp-to-hires, 3-6 months being the most common contract duration.

With the help of Temp to hire services, it’s easier for the clients to test and judge the capability of the candidate. By doing this, the clients can get the right match to the position, by observing and testing the needful skills and qualities of the candidate.

Here are few advantages of temp-to-hire services in the perception of the job-seeker:

Generate Income

Whether you are between successes or embarking on different ventures such as looking at starting a Business, having a contract can sometimes generate immediate income for you in a short term.

Try Before Buy

Buy taking on temp to hire opportunity, you can work for an organization and see if you enjoy the work culture, the team, the work before you actually look at potentially working for this employer on a full-time basis.

Foot in the Door

This role may end up going permanent. So it’s a great way to get your foot in the door with an organization.

Keep Experience

You keep your experience relevant and current by taking on a contract opportunity.

Add experience

You can increase your experience and knowledge base in a particular area. This will be especially true to new comers in a country or to people who are looking to make a complete carrier change.

May Pay more

Typically with contracting, the employers pay a bit more. The reason for this is because they are compensating for lack of extra benefits that contract employees are eligible for.

Grow Network

This is the opportunity to network and meet new people. You never know who you might end up meeting who could be the lead to your dream job.

Easier to Find Job

It’s usually easier to find a job when you are already working. For many recruiters, the Holy Grail is the passive job seeker. So if you are working on a contract, most likely you are going to be targeted more by the recruiters.

Less Competition

Because contracting tends to be a less desirable option than working permanent full- time role, there is less competition in the market place for people who are looking for contract opportunities and with less competition, better your odds are for getting the interview and even getting the job.

There is no way that an employer can truly vet a job seeker effectively in any interview scenario, but temp- to-hire strategy gives you days and weeks to watch someone in action and truly see their skills and most importantly their work ethic.

Firms that adopt a temp-to-hire approach benefit from observing job candidates firsthand — and by hiring people who have gained a familiarity with your firm and its corporate culture. This approach to staffing provides a hands-on, realistic way of choosing a new employee with a lower risk of a hiring mistake.

Hence this is an effective way to get back potential candidates to work and save themselves from making expensive mistakes.

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