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Pragna Solutions is a rapidly growing recruitment & technology consultants company. It offers quality solutions for RPO, Offshore Recruiting Services, Sales Prospecting, Digital marketing, Outsourced hiring, Staffing and Strategic consulting that can quickly provide business results for you by harnessing industry-leading technologies.

We are passionate about delivering adaptable, world-class, talent solutions. We have been pioneers in providing best-in-class solutions to businesses across the globe for over a decade. We continue to provide the industry with innovative, scalable, and customized solutions that help clients find, recruit, hire, and retain top talent.

Pragna offers recruiting, prospecting, and IT solutions from small, medium & large firms serving many of the world’s leading companies. Discover advanced, innovative talent strategies and processes that allow you to remain focused on your core business.

Our suite of outsourcing services is designed to meet the fast-changing needs of new-age businesses and range from one-off marketing projects to end-to-end management of sales and marketing programs.

We are competitively agile and highly adaptive to meet our consumer demands. Our professional team is innovative, goal-centric, and steadfast in carving a niche in sales and marketing management services.

Vision rpo


Our vision is to provide crucial knowledge to our customers when it matters the most. To transform companies and change lives as the world’s leading talent partner of choice.



To help people discover meaningful careers and businesses grow by finding, delivering, and engaging outstanding talent around the world.



Since our inception in 2008, We have been engaging our stakeholders, customers and employees with at most integrity and efficiency. The values that drive us towards achieving our vision are:

  • Integrity: Keeping up to our promise of delivering the best, doing what we say and doing what is right. We function by adhering to the law, transparency, and ethics.
  • Innovation: We believe in sharing ideas and immerse ourselves in continuous learning. We help you face challenges and create a business impact through new ideas and unique problem solving strategies.
  • Diversity: The real value of diversity is the positive impact it has on shaping a dynamic and highly collaborative environment.
  • Efficiency: Translates into relentlessly improving quality, maintaining delivery times, and reducing costs.
  • Excellence: Setting new benchmarks, continuous improvement processes and refining systems, thus delivering the best consistently, and exceeding client expectations.
  • Profitability: We deliver higher incremental value, helping you exceed revenue goals.
What is the Benefits of RPO?

Flexibility, fluidity, savings, increased access to the skills you need, optimized processes to better manager and applicant experiences and shorten the time to hire, talent pools to create one prospective talent pool, and increased retention are just a few of the advantages of outsourcing your recruitment needs to trusted RPO partners.

What is rpo?

When you outsource all or a portion of your recruitment efforts to an outside vendor, this is known as recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). They often work with your team and represent your brand, acting as an auxiliary of your staffing office for all or portion of your roles or taking complete ownership of delivery.

How does RPO work?

As an offshoot of your own department, RPO will have a combination of committed experts, technology, best practice procedures, and analytics embedded both onsite and offshore and some from within your organization. They’ll collaborate with you to estimate future demand, improve sourcing, evaluation, and onboarding, and coordinate with your recruiting managers.

How to select the right RPO Company?

Every company has a unique path toward attributing its resources, and no two solutions are ever identical. To decide what is ideal for you and your business, you’ll have to consider seven main factors: goals, geography, resource kinds, processes, delivery options, references, years in the industry, and cost structures.

How can rpo service lower recruitment costs and reduce the time to hire?

Recruiting agencies frequently use RPO services to obtain a competitive edge by removing the fixed cost of recruitment. In fact, an RPO relationship is predicted to result in operational savings for staffing companies of up to 40 to 60%. The cost-per-hire ratio can be calculated using simple analysis.

Ramaa Sundara Raj

Co-Founder & CEO

Ramaa Raj is an engineer by training but has acquired a passion for interfacing and managing people. Over the past 18 years Ramaa has developed software, managed engineers and recruiters, and built customer relationships.

Ramaa worked at Longtop International as Account Manager directly responsible for their multi-million dollar business at Microsoft. She led a team of recruiters and interfaced with senior managers at Microsoft to address their requirements. Prior to Longtop, Ramaa worked at GlobalCynex where she helped jumpstart their northwest office in Seattle. Ramaa started her career at CS Solutions Inc as a Software Developer. Ramaa holds a B.S degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering.

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Raghu Nandhan

Vice President

Has over 10 years experience being a strategic leader with a strong background in operational framework and process excellence. Extensive expertise in talent acquisition,recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) operations and product development. Demonstrated leadership abilities with the capacity to build, train and mentor highly productive teams. Problem solver with the capability to tackle difficult projects and create sought after outcomes. Outstanding vision, communication and organizational skills.

Contributed to the Vision and Strategy for Pragna’s growth plans and helped establish dedicated and Client specific delivery teams for all strategic accounts to ensure Pragna adds value to our partnerships with clients and stay in the top 5% of vendors at all Strategic accounts. He has bachelor’s degree in engineering and MBA.

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Bindhu Beldona

Lead Sourcing/Research Specialist

Bindhu holds a master degree in Bio Technology. She always wanted to nurture her people skills, that’s when she decided to take up Recruitment as her career and joined Pragna Technologies. She has been actively involved in internal hiring, interview process, training& development. Currently she works on multiple sourcing projects and specializes in active and passive sourcing. She is very well versed with latest trends in recruitment and experienced in identifying the right talent for a given need. She has trained multiple teams from scratch and managed their daily tasks as well. She has proven herself to be an invaluable and loyal contributor to the success of Pragna Technologies.

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Anil Kumar


Anil is an avid technology entrepreneur and has lead companies from startup phase to growth and acquisition. Anil is also Founder of SmartRx, a company innovating on healthcare delivery in India and abroad. Prior to this venture, Anil was Vice President of US operations of Realcom Inc, a Japan based public company focused on Knowledge and content management. Anil successfully managed the merger of AskMe Corp with Realcom Inc. Anil co-founded AskMe Corp, where he led the enterprise software product from idea to building the product and selling it to Fortune 500 companies such as Proctor & Gamble, Boeing, Intel, Novartis, CCH and others. Prior to that, he worked as Senior Engineer at Microsoft and Siemens. Anil has studied Computer Science & Engineering from Mysore University and Management from Yale University.

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Pragna Solutions is a rapidly growing recruitment & technology consultants company. It offers quality solutions for IT project execution, RPO, Offshore Recruiting Service, Sales Prospecting, Digital marketing, Staffing and Strategic consulting that can quickly provide business results for you by harnessing industry-leading technologies.

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