Flexible RPO Recruiting solutions for the dynamic market. Our mission is to make world-class recruiting simple and accessible!


Explore exciting job opportunities abroad with our Offshore Recruiting services tailored to match your skills and aspirations.


Pragna’s Technology-driven Marketing for your Staffing Business helps you attract more clients and candidates.


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Recruiting Solutions

Unlock the power of seamless talent acquisition with our RPO Recruiting solutions, marrying cutting-edge technology with human expertise. Elevate your hiring game through Offshore Recruitment and Recruitment Outsourcing, transforming your business with Pragna’s proven resources.

1. RPO Recruiting, 2. Offshore Recruitment, 3. Recruitment Outsourcing.

Prospecting Solutions

Knocking on the right door is pivotal in converting potential prospects into clients. Spare yourself the hassle of hiring and training salespersons; let us expedite the process and cultivate an exceptional customer base with our Offshore Teams. Elevate your prospecting solutions effortlessly with Pragna.

1. RPO Recruiting, 2. Offshore Recruitment, 3. Recruitment Outsourcing.

Product Development

Elevate your product development journey with Pragna’s innovative solutions. Our offshore teams seamlessly integrate with your in-house team, ensuring agility and responsiveness to market changes. Experience true collaboration and accelerated growth with our tailored product engineering expertise.

1. RPO Recruiting, 2. Offshore Recruitment, 3. Recruitment Outsourcing.

Digital Health

Leverage our expertise in Digital Health with Pragna’s innovative services. Our Offshore Teams blend cutting-edge technology with deep healthcare domain knowledge to accelerate product development, service delivery, and enhance health outcomes. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your digital health initiatives.

Need Top Talent? Pragna RPO Recruiting Delivers.

Struggling to find the exceptional talent that drives your business forward? Pragna Solutions delivers the solution with our cutting-edge RPO Recruiting services. We’re a rapidly growing recruitment and technology consultancy with a proven track record of providing world-class talent solutions.

Whether you need a strategic Recruitment Outsourcing partnership or want to leverage the cost-effectiveness of Offshore Recruitment, Pragna delivers. Our expertise spans industries, and our passion is finding the people who will propel your success.

We don’t just fill roles; we use industry-leading technologies and a decade of experience to build customized solutions that attract and retain the talent you require. Let Pragna Solutions take the stress out of recruitment and empower you to focus on what matters – your core business.

RPO Recruiting

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How we Deliver for our Customers

At Pragna, We’re motivated by our Customer’s success. As a driving force for improving hiring practices and employee quality, our team members help customers achieve their goals on a daily basis. Explore our work to understand how we provide AI enabled talent solutions and integrated services that make a real difference for our business partners.

What makes Pragna Solutions a Best RPO Recruiting partner?

Rpo expertise

In-Depth Expertise

Pragna boasts over a decade of RPO industry expertise, collaborating with SMEs and corporations alike. Her extensive experience extends to managing large RPO related clients, making her a formidable asset in RPO recruiting, offshore recruitment, and recruitment outsourcing.

Customize offer

Customized Offerings

Based on the requirements of the customers, we craft and extensively customize RPO solutions tailored-made for each business. Our expertise lies in RPO recruiting, offshore recruitment, and recruitment outsourcing. Trust us to deliver targeted solutions that meet your unique hiring needs.

rpo technology

Technology Driven

Discover unparalleled RPO recruiting solutions with Pragna’s proprietary data science, machine learning, and Artificial intelligence-based products. Our skilled offshore recruiting team ensures efficient offshore recruitment, making us your top choice for recruitment outsourcing.


Strategic Partnerships

Our engagements are pragmatic and team-based, with an emphasis on producing and delivering results in RPO recruiting, offshore recruitment, and recruitment outsourcing. We specialize in building and scaling each engagement to meet your staffing needs effectively.

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What is rpo?

When you outsource all or a portion of your recruitment efforts to an outside vendor, this is known as recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). They often work with your team and represent your brand, acting as an auxiliary of your staffing office for all or portion of your roles or taking complete ownership of delivery.

How does RPO work?

As an offshoot of your own department, RPO will have a combination of committed experts, technology, best practice procedures, and analytics embedded both onsite and offshore and some from within your organization. They’ll collaborate with you to estimate future demand, improve sourcing, evaluation, and onboarding, and coordinate with your recruiting managers.

How to select the right RPO Company?

Every company has a unique path toward attributing its resources, and no two solutions are ever identical. To decide what is ideal for you and your business, you’ll have to consider seven main factors: goals, geography, resource kinds, processes, delivery options, references, years in the industry, and cost structures.

How can rpo service lower recruitment costs and reduce the time to hire?

Recruiting agencies frequently use RPO services to obtain a competitive edge by removing the fixed cost of recruitment. In fact, an RPO relationship is predicted to result in operational savings for staffing companies of up to 40 to 60%. The cost-per-hire ratio can be calculated using simple analysis.

Transform the RPO recruiting experts and resources of Pragna into your own.

Let us transform talent acquisition and results for your business
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Pragna Solutions is a rapidly growing recruitment & technology consultants company. It offers quality solutions for IT project execution, RPO, Offshore Recruiting Service, Sales Prospecting, Digital marketing, Staffing and Strategic consulting that can quickly provide business results for you by harnessing industry-leading technologies.

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