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Pragna has been an industry leader and delivering exceptional results for over a decade now. We are passionate about solving problems and coming up with optimal solutions. We understand that different industries operate in a totally distinct manner, so it is crucial to analyze and supply fully-customized solutions.

We understand that every investment you make has a purpose to it. Cost optimisation is a key concern and we emphasise to design and provide a solution in a cost-effective manner to generate sufficient revenue from the region to justify further investment.

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Recruitment Solutions

Overnight Solutions

Our highly successful offshore ‘Overnight Sourcing’ model makes hiring easy and saves up to 40% of your recruiter’s time. They can concentrate more on the qualified, pre-screened candidate pipeline.

Virtual Recruiter

Dedicated offshore recruiters are as good as your internal recruiters. They source candidates, screen, negotiate, and schedule interviews. The virtual recruiter works normal US hours and works closely.

Smart Source

Smart source service is introduced to support our clients when they face a manpower crunch. When job requisitions are more, clients need extra help to cover all the requirements.

VMS Solutions

We support VMS clients and understand its swift environment. Our dedicated offshore recruiters are well-trained to upload resumes in the direct VMS tools.

FTE Solutions

With direct accounts we charge just 12% over a period of 12 months. This model will surely benefit our clients as they pay the agency fee gradually.


Pragna Solutions is a rapidly growing recruitment & technology consultants company. It offers quality solutions for IT project execution, RPO, Offshore Recruiting Service, Sales Prospecting, Digital marketing, Staffing and Strategic consulting that can quickly provide business results for you by harnessing industry-leading technologies.

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