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Techo-People Driven Solutions to Advance Business Success

Pragna has been an industry leader and delivering exceptional results for over a decade now. We are passionate about solving problems and coming up with optimal solutions. We understand that different industries operate in a totally distinct manner, so it is crucial to analyze and supply fully-customized solutions.

We understand that every investment you make has a purpose to it. Cost optimisation is a key concern and we emphasise to design and provide a solution in a cost-effective manner to generate sufficient revenue from the region to justify further investment.

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Us is a Smart Move

In Depth Expertise

Pragna has over a decade of industry expertise in serving SMEs to Enterprise.

Customized Offerings

Our packages are tailored made and highly customized based on the customers needs

Technology Driven

Pragna’s proprietary data science, ML and AI based products will help us to achieve.

Building Strategic Partnerships

Our engagements are practical and collaborative with focus on creating and delivering.


Solutions We Offer

Recruiting Solutions

Our solutions are a unique blend of technology and human resources. Make the recruitment experts and resources of Pragna are yours. Let us transform talent acquisition and results for your business.


Prospecting Solutions

Knocking the right door is the key to convert your potential prospects to clients. Instead of spending your time and effort on hiring and training salespersons, let us help you shorten the process.


Product Development Solutions

We are helping companies become more agile and responsive to the changing market and competitive landscape with our product engineering solutions.


Mobility and Digital health Solutions

Our services combine technology platforms and deep healthcare domain expertise that helps technology and healthcare  organizations accelerate product development.


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