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Empower Your Mobility and Digital Health Solutions with Offshore Teams Expertise

Explore new horizons in Mobility and Digital Health Solutions with Pragna. Partner with us to navigate technical complexities and harness the power of Offshore Teams and Outsourcing. Our end-to-end mobility services, including Mobility Strategy Consulting and Mobile Application Development, empower decision-makers to make informed decisions swiftly and cost-effectively, driving growth and innovation. With Pragna, embark on a journey of efficiency, innovation, and enriched user experiences in the realm of mobility and digital health.


Mobility Services

Mobile Strategy Consulting
  • Help organizations to create an effective strategy for mobile adoption that generates a good ROI.
  • Advise clients on mobile solution that would best serve their business goals.
  • Help research and define the best technology platforms for your present and future business needs.
  • Recommend possible business models – solutions and services that fall within your budget and deliver performance
Mobile Application Development & Maintenance
  • Cater to customer-specific B2B, B2C and B2E need and help integrate new applications with existing enterprise software systems
  • Range from device-specific Native Application Development to HTML5 and Cross Platform Development capabilities.
  • We provide multi-platform support i.e. iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android (phones and tablets), Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8 and HTML 5 native hybrid applications and mobile web
  • Help with technology upgrades, optimization and feature enhancements required from an end-user perspective
Mobile Testing & Analytics
  • Experience our comprehensive Mobility and Digital Health Solutions tailored to elevate your app’s performance and user engagement. Benefit from our depth of expertise in performance, security, automation, and platform integration testing post-deployment. Our analytics experts enable data-driven decisions to enhance user productivity, increase engagement, and maximize app monetization. Trust Pragna Solutions to monitor, improvise, and drive success in your app’s journey towards excellence.
  • Generate greater revenue – Leverage infinite business opportunities
  • Better connectivity – Anytime, anywhere, and improved access and productivity
  • Enhance customer satisfaction – engage and improve customer experience
  • Improved efficiency – effective business-decision making
Digital Health Solutions

Accelerate your Mobility and Digital Health Solutions with Pragna Solutions. Our expertise in Offshore Teams and Outsourcing streamlines product development and service delivery, enhancing health outcomes. Partner with us to leverage cutting-edge technology and healthcare domain knowledge for unparalleled success. Let Pragna Solutions be your catalyst for innovation and excellence in the digital health landscape.

  • Healthcare IT Solutions for Provider management, patient information and clinical data management, patient records management
  • mHealth solutions and eHealth portals for consumer engagement programs, wellness and disease management solutions
  • EDI Modernization, Interoperability and Integration solutions through various standards like HL7, X12, DICOM etc.
  • Regulatory compliance management frameworks for ICD-9 to ICD–10 compliance, HIPAA 4010 and 5010 compliance, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
RPO Outsourcing
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How we Deliver for our Customers

At Pragna, our dedicated team is committed to your success, driving innovation in hiring practices and elevating employee quality. With our AI-enabled talent solutions and integrated services, we empower businesses to thrive in Mobility and Digital Health Solutions. Experience the difference with our Offshore Teams and Outsourcing expertise, tailored to meet your unique needs.


Pragna Solutions is a rapidly growing recruitment & technology consultants company. It offers quality solutions for IT project execution, RPO, Offshore Recruiting Service, Sales Prospecting, Digital marketing, Staffing and Strategic consulting that can quickly provide business results for you by harnessing industry-leading technologies.

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