All that a merely successful organization needs is a bunch of employees with great flair. There is no much veracity in the saying “unity in diversity” as a work team would be formed with differences in forte yet striving for a distinct vision.

Here are Eleven ways small businesses can compete with big companies and find the right talent 

1. Focus – People know what they do, they have complete focus on that. They have cause and mission, and they build team faster, so they are performing faster and more focused.

2. Clarity – in a smaller team, everyone has a line of sight to everyone else. Everyone is aware of the circumstances, the successes, the failures and the expectations.

3. Cohesion – smaller teams have a greater chance to be more cohesive.

4. Administration – You don’t need any. Of course only if you have that constellation, that some higher management don’t want any. But for team management, you don’t need any tool or any reporting. Everyone has track what has to be done and what is done.

5. Interaction – I can interact more easily with each individual and gain a sense of their commitment level

6. Visibility – Since it is harder to “hide” on a small team, I can quickly weed out those who aren’t up to snuff or just aren’t bought in to the program.

7. Energy— The energy in a small team, if you pick the right players can be extremely high and focused. You can all march enthusiastically to the same beat.

8. Flexibility is a must in a small team, which is a huge positive. You don’t have people who must be extremely specialized in one core skill as you have to have in a large team. And because of that, you can really move the team in a new direction if that’s where the market takes you. Larger teams are much more locked into a path that is hard to detour from.

9. Passion — In a small team, you can pick people who are passionate about the direction your team is headed.

10. Personal growth — Allowing people to work on many different things in order to help the team achieve its goals is extremely empowering and allows people to really grow.

11. Being close to each other — It’s amazing how important it is to be close to each other when working on a team

However, the synergy of individuals is a powerful and strong; don’t be fooled by the idea that working alone brings glory. Working alone may help your ego sometimes, however, will not necessarily make you a regular winner!

This exemplifies the crucial difference between a group of talented people and an effective team.

All successful companies are built on strong talent. However Mapping the right talent can be quite challenging for small businesses.

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