wfh flexible: Are employees demanding WFH flexible for good?

wfh flexible: Are employees demanding WFH flexible for good?

With the outbreak of COVID-19 globally, companies have started focusing on remote working rather than conducting traditional business operations. Why? Because health is as important as work is. If the employees feel sick, then there’s no chance of succeeding. Hence, the most feasible decision today is to prioritize providing homework to your clients.

Many businesses have already provided their employees with permanent work from home like it’s their responsibility to focus on public health in such tough times. However, as COVID-19 has hit the world suddenly, it was not easy to switch to remote working. Several factors need to be considered and in such a short period, everyone was in a fix to understand how remote working can be done. Of course, there are many challenges, but then there was no other chance.

Many companies rendered their employees redundant and with this many people have gone unemployed.

Well, now that the situation is under control, companies have started calling their employees to the office. But most of the employees are still demanding work from home as they neither want to risk their life nor their family’s health. Now that they have become familiar with work from the scenario, they are demanding remote work flexibility from their employers.

Are they demanding right?

Today, in this blog we will be guiding you about it in detail.

Why Say ‘A Yes’ to wfh flexible

There are many reasons why work from home proves to be more beneficial than traditional office jobs. Let’s glance at some of the benefits of working from home below:

  • Helps to maintain work-life balance

It is very much true. In-office job, you travel long distances and don’t get any time left for the family. Work from home is flexible and helps you to maintain a balance between your personal life and professional life. Travel time is set to ‘nil’ and that is the time you can enjoy with your family and relish every moment, every day.

Also, one main advantage of remote working is that you get flexible schedules. No boss is standing on your head for work with a controlling attitude and hence you can easily work at your time frame.

  • No commute stress

Suppose you have an average commute time of around 1.5-2 hours daily which will be entirely laid off when you are working from home. This time can be utilized to do other productive things like reading books, cooking, spending time with family, and so on.

Do you know that more than 30-40 minutes of daily commuting can lead you to stress? Well, it is true and hence working from home will keep this in check.

  • Money Savings

People who are working remotely are not just saving their money but also their energy. Money is saved in many ways like commute fares, parking expenses, petrol or diesel expenses, and lunches bought, etc.

Many companies have allowed their employees to work from home and they are doing it for the good of them and their company’s success too. This way, they are going to save too much money for the long term.

  • Peaceful working environment

Do you also feel stuck and blank in between work if a noisy environment comes around you in the office? Well, in work from home, you will not lose momentum and rhythm while working. A good and peaceful environment at the workplace helps you to maintain your workflow and this way you will be much more productive than you are in your office.

Adapting to the “New Normal”

Our lives have completely turned upside down with the advent of COVID-19. Work from home has become our new friend and at the same time, this trend seems irreversible. Working from home provides you more flexibility and reduces your everyday struggle to a great extent. If you haven’t experienced work from home, you are now going to do it. Trust us, you will love it. Although you are going to miss your colleagues, those lunch breaks, and chit-chats in between the work change is the rule of life and hence you must always be ready to experience life changes.

Work from home will not be so strict to you. You can work easily at your time frames from your home and rest you can enjoy with your family. It’s more like freelancing.

Always keep in mind to set a clear boundary between your work-life when you are working virtually. Don’t let your work suffer because it can danger your job thereafter. Just keep doing your work and find some suitable place in your home, away from distractions.

But yes, whenever you are having breaks, make the most out of them. Enjoy it with your family, play with your kids or even spend it with yourself.

Ideally, the “new normal” is here to stay with us for the latest one or two years in our life so instead of feeling sad, try to make things interesting. This way you will be more pro-activated towards your work-life.

Work from home: Good for employers too!

Pandemic has made businesses experience how working from home looks like. For many, it is like the toughest thing but for some, it went smoothly.

Work from home has brought some advantages for employers too. Want to know what they are? Scroll down!

  • Ample of savings

Along with staff being benefited from work from home, employers are also witnessing the same. No rent, building maintenance, equipment, furniture, tea, or coffee costs have to be paid and hence these are their savings too.

  • Reduced Absenteeism

For instance, if the weather is a bit unfavorable, then the employees often take work from home or remain on-off. But this is not the case in permanent work from home.

A new way forward!

Although work from home has been a catalyst for many employees out there, people are demanding permanent work from home from their employees. But is it right to ask for it as it has been a long time now since everyone is working virtually? Hence to stay active, fit, and maintain a social life, it is essential to switch to a traditional office job now.

However, seeing the situation is under control these days, companies can give alternate day solutions to their employees. That means one day work from home and one day work from the office. This will be an ideal solution going forward.

Persisting work from home culture

After the COVID-19 went crazy across the globe, companies had offered work from home to their employees, but now as the situation is normalizing, they are focusing on coming back to the office and resuming the work from there. Well, the percentage of employees who want to work from the office again is much lower than the ones who want to work from the office. It is almost 30% of employees who seriously want to resume work from the office.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, the situation in 2021 is not as worse as it was in 2020. However, we also can’t say that it is back to normal. The correct thing which can be said here is that the situation is getting better day by day. So, it’s a 50-50 say. If the company’s work is getting hampered, then there’s no harm in switching back to work from the office. However, if you as a company can easily work from home, you can stay home with your remote team, safe.

Pragna Solutions has been an active recruiter over the past many years. There has been increased remote job posting since 2019. Not only the employees but the employers are welcoming remote work culture as well.