Podcasts are something where you can learn new things. As podcasts are around a few times now, however, I’ve been late to leap on the train of creating them an area of my daily life. Recently, I even have started taking note of podcasts, and that I have completed what proportion I get pleasure from them. There’s most out there to find out about! Podcasts provide an enormous quantity of topics and for the foremost part, they’re free! There actually are some things out there for everyone.

An E-Recruitment Process with a hiring manager podcast can help your company thrive with the best candidates, especially executives. You may not have time to read your long text job advertisements on their mobile device, but they certainly have time to listen to their hiring manager’s podcast doing something else at the same time. We count between 100 and 1,000 downloads within two weeks of each of our Hiring Manager podcasts being released.

Recruiters then begin having high-quality conversations with passive talent. With the vision and goals of the hiring manager as their day-to-day work, hiring managers receive requests for passive talent roles that they have never had access to before in order to attract top talent for your company. That simple change in mindset makes all the difference. Not least with a Hiring Manager Podcast, the total number of inquiries decrease while the quality of inquiries increases. This is because candidates turn themselves on or off after listening to the hiring manager’s podcasts, which is great for recruiters.

The five-minute podcast allows candidates to quickly familiarize themselves with the position and manager they will be working for so we can state that:-

The idea is to bring up the best podcast into the application process. As per the sourcing strategy team of the City of Edmonton, they have realized that 50% of the applicants came through a mobile device so we want to give candidates a quick and easy way to digest the information about the job, without requiring a lot of reading.

As we can say every podcast with five minutes features the hiring manager discussing what success looks like, the vision of the department, and mostly the aspects of the job that are more enticing. Since various podcasts have been integrated into the job posting, a tool is available to candidates for self-selection.

As this format for content production is growing, some wholes became curious about the worth that podcasting can bring back their business. Podcasting permits brands to speak to a captive audience. With style on the go, the ability to possess the podcasting on demand allows firms and types to tell their story anyplace at any time, which helps to ascertain authority in your business and make advocates brand on the way. As in alternative platforms where you’ll generate content, determines who your target audiences are. Therefore you may head the topics that are fascinating to them.

The duration of the podcast is determined by the matter that’s generated and interaction with the listener.

  • Seek completely different times and formats to investigate that additional booming along with your
  • Regular content provides ways to stay individuals connected with your brand.
  • Write tips for problems not sound repetitive.
  • Link the podcast to your journal or alternative social channels to extend the reach and participation with your community.


The first step is to convince your hiring manager to join the company and make sure they like the idea. Help them understand the goals of the podcast and inspire them to share their vision with potential candidates. The best podcasts are those that make everyone appear to be focused on what they are talking about. Therefore, when your hiring manager invests in an idea, candidates will feel like they are being listened to. Since this format is still little known, only a few brands seek this kind of association. In order to promote their behavior and make the audience pay more attention to the content created by the company, this format usually provides a very interesting return on investment for companies interested in online marketing. Do visit Pragna Technologies website for more blogs.