There would be hardly any interview that does not start with this very question. Even though the ‘Tell me about Yourself’ question has been passed down like a legacy, most jobseekers fumble and stumble upon this question. It is indeed a tricky interview question and opens up many doors for the interviewer to knock on.

Well, what do the interviewers actually wish to know through this question? As a conversation starter, most interviewers hope to learn something about the candidate that is not mentioned in the resume. It is an open-ended interview question that can lead a hiring manager to several insights about the candidate.

Through this answer, the hiring manager can analyze the candidate’s priorities, goals, and to some extent virtues. Moreover, be prepared to be judged for the parameters of confidence and communication skills while answering this simple interview question.

If you have been searching for how to answer to ‘Tell me about yourself question’, here is a quick interview guide about how you should start, what the answer should and should not contain, and how to end it in an impressive way.


Prepare a Sample Answer


As a jobseeker, you are expecting this question to pop up in every interview. Therefore, the best way to prepare yourself for it is by creating a strong sample answer. You must remember to prepare the response specific to the job role you are applying for. For instance, if you are opting for a clerical job, you must highlight multitasking, whereas if you are opting for a sales job, highlight your communication skills.

You must not repeat something that’s on your resume. You must highlight the soft skills that can be beneficial to your chances. For instance, you can talk about your leadership role as a coordinator in your college fest if you are appearing for an interview for any managerial post. It is essential to set up an answer that may intrigue interest in your hiring manager.


Things You Must Not Say


The most common mistake that most candidates make is answering this interview question casually. They simply talk about their life story starting from hometown to graduation to job. Doing so raises a red flag for the hiring manager that the candidate is not taking the interview seriously.

Another typical response that works as a red flag is talking about the problems of the current or previous job. You do not need to explain why you want to leave the previous or existing job as an answer to this interview question. It indeed reflects your desperation for the job and consequently affects your salary negotiation.

Avoid unrelated personal stories or just an explicit sum up of your resume. Make sure your answer does not appear like a speech where you are praising yourself.


What You Must Definitely Say


The sole purpose of this question is to disclose your selling points that are not mentioned in your resume. Moreover, the best way to craft a good answer to this question is to analyze the soft skills required for that specific position or company. You must be aware of the skills and experience that a hiring manager is looking for while you are answering the question.

You must definitely focus on virtues and soft skills. Do not forget to include words like ‘passionate’, ‘detail-oriented’, ‘team player, ‘multitasker’, ‘leader’, ‘professional’, ‘responsible’, ‘excellent communication skills, and any other character that is essential for the job.

You must craft a short script that highlights your area of expertise, relevant abilities, and strength in a natural flow of the thread. Strengthen your answer by talking about reasons for applying to the particular job, and conclude by reasoning why that specific role in that specific company appeals to you. You can also include what you do in your leisure time as hobbies if it helps to pitch better for the position.


Final Thoughts


Crafting a sample answer may be time-consuming but make sure not to take up so much time while using it as your answer. Ensure your script is precise and concise, but also has a natural flow. Remember to include every single detail that makes you a perfect fit for the job.

Make sure your script has some sparks that intrigue your interviewer, setting a strong start to the interview. Also, you need not keep it very serious, sometimes good humor takes you a long way too.

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