A Perfect Blend: Right Skill Set with Right Mindset

A Perfect Blend: Right Skill Set with Right Mindset

Right Mindset

Do not hire a man who does your work for money, but him who does it for the love of it.” – Henry David Thoreau.

In the recruitment industry, competition has always been acquiring the top tier talents. In most cases, the recruiter hires the candidate having a resume brimming with skill sets. But does that fulfill the intrinsic needs of the organization? The degrees on the resume do speak of the hard skills of the candidate, but the soft skills like effective communication, team spirit, etc. cannot be assessed just by going through a resume.

The right mindset plays a crucial role when you look for quality hires. Employees having the appropriate skill sets along with the right mindset ensures the sustainability and growth of the organization.

Skillset vs. Mindset

If there are 100 candidates, 75 of them will have the right skill sets. But if you are looking for 5 quality hires, how will you assess the candidates? Out of these 75 candidates, 25 are top graduates. If you want to ensure quality hires, you must check out which of the 25 candidates have the right mindset that can actually lead to your company’s growth. In this cut-throat competition, you will always find a large number of people who have the right skill sets.

But why is the right mindset essential for growth?

  • A candidate having good communication skill ensures smooth execution of operations
  • The flexibility of employees ensures better team performance
  • Commitment to deadlines is crucial virtue that cannot be taught
  • Loyalty to the organization can save your back in the worst situation
  • An improved working environment guarantees better productivity

How to ensure quality hires with the right mindset?

Skills can be taught, but the mindset of employees cannot be mold. The expression of mindset is through the attitude. Therefore, when a recruiter is looking for the right mindset, the candidate must be analyzed based on his/ her attitude.

  • Assess the candidate’s interest to engage

Indeed, you will be greeted with an obligatory smile when you are interviewing someone for a job. But what makes the difference between a candidate with the right mindset to stand out in the crowd is his/her attitude towards the interview and company. Therefore, as a recruiter, always check if the candidate is interested in engaging himself.

  • Check if the candidate’s goal aligns with that of the company’s

If you want your hires to vouch for the substantiality, in the long run, make sure you do not hire the one who just performs his tasks to just earn money without any interest in the company’s goal. In talent acquisition, it is essential to make quality hires whose goals align with the company’s agenda. Surely, a candidate with the right mindset and attitude can work whole-heartedly for the organization without just limiting his thoughts to his salary.

  • Background check with the candidate’s previous company

A background check is usually a routine thing while recruiting. However, instead of just viewing the company’s name, it’s always better to inquire about the candidate from the company. This will surely provide you a clearer vision of the candidate’s mindset and attitude.

  • Stress tests

Stress tests have been neglected even though it comes as a significant step in the selection process. It is under real stress that people show their true colors. As a recruiter, you can get a glimpse of how the candidate reacts. Indeed stress tests help you assess the mindset and attitude.

Final Thoughts

Talent acquisition in the recruitment industry is challenging, especially if you are looking for quality hires with the perfect blend of the right skills and right mindset. It is essential to ensure that every employee has the right attitude and frame of mind to help organization grow. Recruiters have to be tactical to ensure that every hire does have the right attitude and mindset along with required skillset.

“Attitude is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than what people do or say. It is more important than appearance, giftedness, or skill.” W. C. Fields

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Channeling Your Focus on Quality in High Volume Recruiting

High Volume recruiting is a common process in the recruitment industry. Usually, an established company hires 5-7 employees every day. But does that mean the quantity can overpower the quality? No, the talent acquisition professionals ensure that your company recruits talented and high performing candidates for your organization.

High volume recruitment with quality candidate is a challenging job. Be it an outsourced or in-house process, it is a hectic job to focus on quality over quantity. Every candidate applying for the job are screened through several stages of selection process. Here we will be talking about the challenges of high volume recruiting and how the task of recruiting quality over quantity can be made easier.

Challenges Related To Volume-Based Recruiting

You will find a vast number of applications for the job. It becomes tough to find the best, at the same time, the needy candidate to hire among them. Here are some most critical topics that, as a hiring manager, you will face linked with a large number of applicants.

– Longer Time to Hire: A volume-based hiring method takes more time to evaluate. A hiring manager needs to go through each resume, and when its applications are in a high number, it makes it more challenging to decide which one deserves of a screening phone call—more the applications, more the rings, which takes up a lot of time. 

– Hard To Identify Top Talent: When you have a single vacancy and multiple applicants, you might miss the best person for the job. You have to review each candidate, and you can’t give much time to each one; in this process, it is the most substantial possibility of missing out of the deserving one. 

– Poor User Experience for Candidates: The recruitment process involves a recruiter and a job seeker. Of course, each one of them will have the experience, good or bad. A recruiter can’t attain each candidate with a similar emotion. He has to deal with many people to be the negative user experience for an applicant. That implies that applicants can end hanging in for weeks, waiting for a response.

Hiring for Quality Over Quantity

Even though hiring quality candidates through high volume recruiting is a challenging task, here are few tips that can make your job a bit easier.

Use of AI

With the advancement of technology, the primary screening can be made easier with the use of suitable artificial intelligence. In the process of high volume recruitment, it takes effort and time to screen the application based on skill and experience. You can eliminate this headache by the incorporating AI into your recruitment process. Artificial intelligence can help you segregate quality candidate suitable for the job based on the recorded data of skills and experience of each candidate. Manually, this process can take days and even be subjected to bias or unconscious faults. With the help of AI, you can screen more than thousand applications in just a few minutes.

Tacking recruitment performance

For high volume recruiting, most companies analyze the cost per hire to understand the efficiency of the recruitment. The cost per higher strategy is also essential to understand where you need to spend more for recruiting the top-tier talents of a field. Tracking down the recruitment performance with the right metrics such as hiring budget, hiring velocity and performance of hired candidate helps you to get a clear picture how you should manage your recruitment process to hire quality candidates in high volume. 

Identify Top Candidate Through Cognitive Aptitude Test

Cognitive aptitude is the right method to verify the candidate’s ability to work. A single test can make you understand multiple things about the applicant. What does an aspirant needs for a job? Problem-solving skills, presence of mind, quick decision-making abilities, communication skills, presentation skills, attention to detail should definitely be on your list. Cognitive aptitude helps you verifying all these aspects of the candidate. You can test his every skill until you get sure about it. It is the positively opted strategy to finalize someone for a job. 

Hiring someone is not a difficult job, but hiring the right one is tricky. As a hiring manager, it is your responsibility to select the correct person so that your company and the candidate can work in synchronization. If you are seeking quality recruitment over quantity, Pragna is an ideal partner for you.

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Art of Recruiting: Think like a Marketer on How to Attract Best Talent

Art of Recruiting: Think like a Marketer on How to Attract Best Talent

Gone are the days when the recruitment process revolved around referrals and newspaper advertisements. With the growing accessibility of the internet, the recruitment industry witnessed a drastic change on how to attract best talent. It has become a convoluted and multi-step process to hire a qualified candidate for the right position. Talent acquisition and high volume recruiting are two aspects that are a paradox in the recruitment industry.

If a recruiter wants to attract top tier talents in the field, it is necessary to think more like a marketer and present opportunity in right manner. Through this article, you can explore some exclusive tips that will help you as a recruiter on how to attract best talent in the market.

Why Recruiters need Marketing skills today?

The market is full of potential talents, but why should they choose to work for your company? As everyone has a smartphone in their hands, they do have access to several job opportunities for them. What makes your company stand out?

Instead of just briefing your candidate about your company during the interview, create a brand that ensures credibility. This can only be done if your recruiter can think like a marketer. Recruitment marketing involves not just posting about jobs every now and then. It is about creating engagement to attract qualified candidates to your company.

Tips to Attract Top-Tier Talents

Now that you realize why your recruiter needs to think like a marketer on How to attract best talent, let’s explore the answer to HOW?

Creating Employee-Friendly Brand Image

In this competitive market, the top tier talents become the picker of their employer. Therefore, if you want to attract the best talent in a field, you must portray your company as a company that cares for its employees. Every company has a ‘core value’ section enlisting every noble value to attract talent. But if you ‘practice what you preach,’ you can have employee reviews on reputed platforms like Glassdoor or Google that will surely make your company stand out. A company with several employees vouching creates public goodwill attracting the most qualified candidates in the market.

Optimal Utilization of Social Media Platforms

Social media is a powerful tool that can help you in attracting high-volume talents. You must have noticed that a large number of recruiters are using LinkedIn to attract the target pool. Social media indeed serves as a key to successful recruitment. But will it be effective if you only post job ads? No, as a recruiter, you must use social media platforms to create the brand image, post stuff that engages your target pool, and maintain an up-to-date social media page for your company to attract talent pool.

If a recruiter has marketing skills, it can make it easier for your company to hire high-performing candidates who would already be interested in your company. Moreover, it won’t be difficult to find the talents who align themselves with your business goal. If a recruiter has excellent marketing skills, you have an edge in talent acquisition.

Clear and Visible Call-To-Action

Do not hide your ‘call-to-action’ when you are looking for quality hires. Whenever you are posting something on social media, ensure that your ‘call-to- action’ is clear and visible. You can use a different color font or backlinked icon to invite CVs or urge people to look into your website or company profile. The message should be clear to the viewers.

Engage Your Potential Targets

A person may not be looking for a job right now, but if you can engage him through your activities, there’s a high chance that he/she will think about approaching your company when they are open for a job. Moreover, if you are successful in engaging through your social media posting or email-marketing, you get a competitive advantage to attract as well as retain the best talents in the market.

Final Thoughts

The recruitment industry has changed over the years and has become an amalgamation of technology and marketing. Using the marketing strategy in recruitment has become vital as the competition is increasing day by day. Acquiring and practicing the right recruitment marketing skills does affect your hiring output. 

At Pragna our talent acquisition specialists are fully trained to be marketers to attract right talent. They understand the importance of brand building and social media presence which is becoming important day to day to hire top talent. To know more about Pragna capabilities visit our website.


Keeping Your Recruiting Team Engaged Midst Uncertainty

Keeping Your Recruiting Team Engaged Midst Uncertainty

Since the time we came to know about our family and life responsibilities, our struggle starts for a stable life. Your every step means moving towards the financial stability of yours. Somehow, if it gets hampered, it means you a lot because it hinders your job and the entire family. Uncertainty in work is a very crucial stage for an employee. The office is the place where an employee spends almost 12 hours a day. So, how an employee can digest the condition of uncertainty in his career? 

What is uncertainty? Let’s consider the current situation of COVID-19. It is the most uncertain condition from the era, where nothing has left unaffected—the schools, the offices, the workers, etc. The employees are losing their jobs in vast numbers. Everyone is a bit insecure about their stability in the work. So, as a manager, what will you do if your team feels discouraged due to this uncertain time. As a leader, it is your significant responsibility to keep your recruiting team engaged amidst uncertainty. I am presenting a few techniques using which you can make your team encouraged.

First, Take Care Of Self 

I will consider “taking care of yourself” as an essential point before you start to finish with your employees. If you are not fit, you are stressed, you are not confident and relaxed, then how will make your team feel full of energy. It would be best if you stood with a positive attitude, and then only you will able to involve your team at work. Don’t show them that you are stressed. Get each one involved in the book. Ask yourself, “How can you support someone in this unstable time?” “what do you want to be to deal with such a condition?” If you get the answers to these questions, you are ready to go to your employees.

Give Them Your Compassion

You are the leader. But, you reached the position of stepping being an employee. So you are very well known about the feeling that if your leader doesn’t listen to you, how it affects your work. So, it is essential to listen to the team one on one, know about their issues, and try to make them comfortable. Keeping your doors open and regular check-ins are the most promising way to show you are ready to cope with their issues. They can get relax by involving you in their shoes. 

Communicate Like You Never Been Before

You are the boss, so don’t go with the thought of being the boss. Pin drop silence kills the communication, and it is not always beneficial. Ask your team for the updates, even if you are not new to it. This small action comes as in, the employees are still the priority for you, even in the crises. Even though you have learned Business Continuity and Crises Management rules, it does not teach how to deal with it. Problems don’t come up with the shape and menu card. It could sometimes be worst than your imagination. So, your sense of action defines you, how you treat the employees. 

 Share Your Calculated Decisions

This tiny thing can get your team into confidence. Don’t be afraid of sharing your calculation chore before your employee approaches you for the permission. Making decisions for paid leaves, adjusting working hours to taking care of the family, and remote work schedule emphasizes your employees’ significant impact. Sharing these details before your team contacts, make them feel comfortable and involved in bookworm. 

Being a senior, it is not always essential to be a leader. No one has a book that can teach the art of dealing with the crises. It is you and your way of thinking that makes you the boss. If you have the powers, it is equally important how you utilize them, making your boss.

Just like every other sectors, the recruitment industry is amidst uncertainty. Pragna solution can be your key to hassle-free recruitment. We are a team of competent consultants and HRs who target and get you quality hires even in this COVID 19 situation. For any assistance for recruitment solutions, Pragna solution can offer you the best recruitment services. To know more about our services, check out our website.


Leadership Attributes needed during Challenging times

Leadership Attributes needed during Challenging times

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Steve Jobs has been a great leader not only for Apple but also for every aspiring entrepreneur. When we talk about leaders, we always portray a strong and confident person who gives us hope to rise every time we stoop down or stumble over an obstacle. Remember how the most exemplary guy in your school was chosen as the head boy? Well, nothing has changed in the larger picture. Every organization decides its leaders carefully to ensure the growth of the organization. You can become the leader as well if you adopt some of the leadership attributes needed during challenging times.

In this era of the pandemic, the economy is sliding down every passing day. You must be amazed at how a leader can effectively change the scenario. Here are some leadership lessons for hard times that you must learn.

Motivation is key to productivity

A leader should have personal attributes like self-confidence, communication, ability to make decisions, etc. A ‘successful’ leader is the one who has the potential to motivate each member of his team. You may be surprised how just a compliment from the leader can boost the productivity of the employee. Therefore, a leader motivating employee in tough economic times becomes the need of the moment. If you want to emerge as a leader, never fail to boost your employees’ morale.

Lateral thinking can be the game-changer

Lateral thinking is a key attribute that every leader must possess. It is all about thinking out of the box. Every subject or situation has a conventional approach; a lateral thinking leader is the one who can break through this traditional course of thinking and bring out a creative approach of looking at the issue and solving it. For instance, Gillette has utilized an innovative way of marketing. They follow a strategy of making their products obsolete to replace it with their own new products. In this way, they successfully cut down their competitors. Lateral thinking is the creative and innovative way to investigate the mundane issues to bring out a new approach to resolve them. This leadership skill is crucial for facing the challenges and turning them into strengths. Just like ‘if life gives you lemons, make lemonade’.

Establish bond of trust

Trust building is an essential leadership skill that can become the key to the unexpected growth of an organization. You may have always seen that every great leader was surrounded by people who trusted him. Yes, this attribute can be beneficial in both ways. If you can establish a bond of trust between you and your employees, you will surely notice how it affects you as well as their productivity. Especially during this time of self-isolation, every employee needs to deal with stress due to remote work. If you want to emerge as a leader now, you must establish a trust bond to influence their productivity instead of just dumping your burden on them. Trust building activities not only enhance employees’ confidence but also their loyalty to the organization.

Empathy can reap sweeter fruit

Jack Welch once said, “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” Leadership is not about growing individually but growing as a team or organization. You may not be born with leadership skills, but you can acquire them with perseverance. Creative thinking, open communication, or bonding – each of this leadership skill can lead you to the best version of yourself as a leader. As a leader, you are bound to confront new challenges, but your skills can mold you to become the most outstanding leader.

Compassion is an attribute that every leader must possess to combat the challenges of tough times. A successful leader always listens to his employees to gain a better understanding. You must learn to be empathetic if you want to ace leadership skills during these tough times.

There will be situations when you can blame your employee or publicly criticize them. A successful leader will not take those steps; instead, talk to the employee personally. Just the empathetic approach towards your employee can boost their morale and turn them into an asset for the organization.

Strategize with a clear vision

Having a clear far-sighted vision is a significant leadership attribute during challenging times. As a leader, you may have to face several challenges due to the falling economy. It is your turn to take up the responsibilities and strategize with a clear vision. A leader’s clear vision can help to develop objectives for every level of the organization. Formulating strategies to combat the upcoming challenges requires far-sighted vision. In fact, a successful leader knows how to balance short term and long-term goals.

Open communication

When talking about leadership attributes, you cannot miss out on open communication on the list. According to statistics, 57% of employees fail to perform to their full potential due to the lack of open and clear communication with their leaders. Therefore, a successful leader must have effective communication skills to convey every vital information to his employees. Brainstorming sessions can be an effective way for leaders to practice with their team to bring out innovative solutions.

Lead with excellence

Leaders become examples for the employees. If you are always late, you cannot expect your employees to be punctual. The “walk the talk” philosophy is still something every successful leader has followed in his life. A successful leader never fails to inspire his teammates. In fact, a good leader always pushes his teammates for growth. Leadership does not mean exploiting power. In contrast, leadership is all about taking up responsibilities, following your own rules, and creating a benchmark of excellence to inspire others. So, if you want to become a successful leader, do not just command but lead by example.

Do you possess any of the leadership skills? Let us know how you have evolved as a leader in your life in the comments below.