High Volume recruiting is a common process in the recruitment industry. Usually, an established company hires 5-7 employees every day. But does that mean the quantity can overpower the quality? No, the talent acquisition professionals ensure that your company recruits talented and high performing candidates for your organization.

High volume recruitment with quality candidate is a challenging job. Be it an outsourced or in-house process, it is a hectic job to focus on quality over quantity. Every candidate applying for the job are screened through several stages of selection process. Here we will be talking about the challenges of high volume recruiting and how the task of recruiting quality over quantity can be made easier.

Challenges Related To Volume-Based Recruiting

You will find a vast number of applications for the job. It becomes tough to find the best, at the same time, the needy candidate to hire among them. Here are some most critical topics that, as a hiring manager, you will face linked with a large number of applicants.

– Longer Time to Hire: A volume-based hiring method takes more time to evaluate. A hiring manager needs to go through each resume, and when its applications are in a high number, it makes it more challenging to decide which one deserves of a screening phone call—more the applications, more the rings, which takes up a lot of time. 

– Hard To Identify Top Talent: When you have a single vacancy and multiple applicants, you might miss the best person for the job. You have to review each candidate, and you can’t give much time to each one; in this process, it is the most substantial possibility of missing out of the deserving one. 

– Poor User Experience for Candidates: The recruitment process involves a recruiter and a job seeker. Of course, each one of them will have the experience, good or bad. A recruiter can’t attain each candidate with a similar emotion. He has to deal with many people to be the negative user experience for an applicant. That implies that applicants can end hanging in for weeks, waiting for a response.

Hiring for Quality Over Quantity

Even though hiring quality candidates through high volume recruiting is a challenging task, here are few tips that can make your job a bit easier.

Use of AI

With the advancement of technology, the primary screening can be made easier with the use of suitable artificial intelligence. In the process of high volume recruitment, it takes effort and time to screen the application based on skill and experience. You can eliminate this headache by the incorporating AI into your recruitment process. Artificial intelligence can help you segregate quality candidate suitable for the job based on the recorded data of skills and experience of each candidate. Manually, this process can take days and even be subjected to bias or unconscious faults. With the help of AI, you can screen more than thousand applications in just a few minutes.

Tacking recruitment performance

For high volume recruiting, most companies analyze the cost per hire to understand the efficiency of the recruitment. The cost per higher strategy is also essential to understand where you need to spend more for recruiting the top-tier talents of a field. Tracking down the recruitment performance with the right metrics such as hiring budget, hiring velocity and performance of hired candidate helps you to get a clear picture how you should manage your recruitment process to hire quality candidates in high volume. 

Identify Top Candidate Through Cognitive Aptitude Test

Cognitive aptitude is the right method to verify the candidate’s ability to work. A single test can make you understand multiple things about the applicant. What does an aspirant needs for a job? Problem-solving skills, presence of mind, quick decision-making abilities, communication skills, presentation skills, attention to detail should definitely be on your list. Cognitive aptitude helps you verifying all these aspects of the candidate. You can test his every skill until you get sure about it. It is the positively opted strategy to finalize someone for a job. 

Hiring someone is not a difficult job, but hiring the right one is tricky. As a hiring manager, it is your responsibility to select the correct person so that your company and the candidate can work in synchronization. If you are seeking quality recruitment over quantity, Pragna is an ideal partner for you.

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