Today most of the organizations are leveraging the power of new technologies to streamline the hiring process to identify the best fit for a company. No doubt that big data represents a challenge and an opportunity for recruitment teams and staffing companies, and power analytics is turning into a key part to make a successful talent management process.

At Pragna, we look at the exciting opportunity to determine big data and use effectively. We look forward to working with our clients to leverage the ability of staffing and big data intelligence technology to improvise their talent pipeline and resource investments.

What Power Analytics Means to the Staffing Industry

Here are the primary impact areas of Power Analytics in Staffing

Traditionally, predictive analytics has helped the staffing firm to deal with the essential business queries of “who, when and why.” However, once applied to the staffing firm, predictive analytics helps to anticipate and optimize

Talent acquisition: helps to identify who is the top best? When should they be contacted? Why is this requisition/ job change opportunity attractive to this top talent?

Talent planning: Predictive analytics will optimize a talent pipeline by investing talent information to establish key factors that may result in higher resource allocation. For instance, identifying the simplest locations to speculate on recruitment campaigns for certain skills.

Job-response optimization: Throughout the recruitment process, power predictive analytics helps organizations optimize their job-postings response. Data analysis will give staffing firms with custom recommendations and tailored best practices to assist firms to overcome with higher responses to their job postings based upon primary factors such as period duration, location, occupation, and industry.

Client acquisition: A staffing firm’s talent database is its proprietary competitive advantage and sales tool. Therefore with the facility of power analytics to harness a staffing firm’s massive knowledge and provide valuable insight into the talent existing on hand, a firm is empowered to drive future sales conversations directly aligned to the talent they need.

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