Beyond the policy, once your company and an employee part ways, is it ever okay to hire that person back? Did this question intrigue you much? Well then let’s discuss to find out more about it.

This situation is like going to a restaurant and ordering same menu as tried earlier. Most people end up ordering same instead of trying something new. It’s not uncommon for organizations to own a policy against rehiring former employees. Recruiting and rehiring a former employee is a method save both time and costs of sourcing and creating brand new hires.

Let’s discuss pros and cons to rehire former employees:

Familiar to Company Culture:

They already understand the ins and outs. Not only are they aware of the company culture, however they also likely having previous experience with internal systems and processes. They also understand why some employees or managers do one thing one way and why others do it another way. The procedures are familiar, permitting them to get up and running quickly, that could be a major profit to your business.

Boost to Employee Morale

If current workforce sees their employer values talent and is putting efforts to bring back people, it can have a positive effect on morale, especially if the rehire was popular and respected. Also when current employees see an old employee coming back its makes them realize that their current position is a good one since people are willing to come back to it.

Minimal Recruiting Costs

Few companies have initiated alumni programs to stay connected with former employees. These connections are usually a wonderful source of passive candidates who could also be willing to come back to your company. Since the person already has a proven record within the organization, employers have an honest plan of what the employee will do in order that they don’t have to recruit someone new and train them.

New Skills, Experience, and Perspective

When a former employee returns to your organization, they give the benefit of enjoying the skill set they gained while they were away. Whether it has been a few years or just a few months, they will have had experiences that gave them new skills and perspectives. With these newly acquired skills, they may perform better on the job and the also with the new perspective to approach situations; they might be offer fruitful suggestions to improve company procedures.

Reasons to avoid hiring former employees:

Still be in fit of pique

If an employee left your organization with lingering bitterness or relationship problems, it’ll probably be tough for them to feel engaged and productive upon being rehired. If a coworker or manager continues to be there who the boomerang employee had friction within the past, it’s unlikely that they’ll bury the hatchet this point around. Reignited feuds will harm team morale.

Having feelings of entitlement

Although they’re still thought about to be a replacement employee, they’ll not identify  themselves that way which may result in feeling that they need seniority and are owed certain perks that accompany being on the job for a longer period of your time. Particularly if they’ve been outside the organization for an extended time. Ex-employees could disagree with perks, seniority or raised compensation from their original tenure.

May not be the best match

Seeing a past employees resume in your inbox might fascinate you enough to really don’t pay enough attention to your pool of candidates that also are contesting for the position. Even though that pool of alternative candidates might contain someone that is more qualified for the role than they are. You will be missing out on the top talent in your candidate pool by unconsciously favoring the ex employee.

Considering all the facts and figures if you wish to rehire a former employee make sure they are qualified and fit for the position. Brief your team and also the rehire on the current situation and also your expectations to ensure positive relationship among all. Advantages of rehiring former employees are definitely greater considering the tight resource market. So don’t shut your doors for all former employees just because they wanted to explore something new.

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