We live in a connected world and with the advancement of technology in terms of social media it will more connected tomorrow. Social media is a valuable platform for any recruiter that acts as a wide source of information. Over the last few years social media recruiting has taken epic leaps. On an everyday basis recruiters are connecting to more and more people to find talent via social media. Social media allows companies to extend their reach to both active and passive candidates, meanwhile also build a community of followers.

Social media come handy when you want to find talent with niche skills. There is a scarcity of such talent in the market along with tough competition. So, to hire the right fit got to be real quick and Innovative and dynamic. But with all the positives recruiting on social is a time-consuming process which requires continuous dedication and patience.

But to help your search on social media and cut down time and efforts you have certain tools that will boost your hiring process. In this article we will unveil few such social media sourcing free tools and discuss how they can come handy.


Finding all the contact information and getting them to respond back to your connection invites is one of the most time-consuming aspects of recruiting. ContactOut is an application that asserts to be able to find double the number of contact details and email addresses as of LinkedIn. It also claims to unearth email addresses for three-fourth of the western world. ContactOut is a tool that can help you with the process of finding contact info of candidates in easy and quick way.


It is a tool built by a team from Google and Microsoft that develops machine learning-based searching to help recruiters and hiring managers. It comes with credentials and have partnered with LinkedIn. Connectifier integrate browser extension with a considerable database of candidates to provide recruiters with a large candidate research tool. It also has a ‘Auto-Search’ sidebar option which helps recruiters to find more information about candidates, including email addresses and phone numbers, thus making it easier to reach out.


TalentBin is a tool developed by Monster in known for aggregating all the relevant candidate info into one rich profile. Their algorithm gathers a range of social data thus giving you a complete backdrop on every candidate. With the help of TalentBin the whole process of candidate sourcing and outreaching becomes more effective and seamless.

It has the ability to source potential talent just by simply parsing a job description and it also highlights the mentioned skill set on the candidate’s profile. After you have found the right fit candidates, you can reach out to them by using any of the media mentioned on their profile like Email, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. It also helps you craft a customized message template to fit according to the medium you have chosen to contact the candidate and also highlight the skills of your choice.


Gild accumulate information from around the Web to design a detailed candidate profiles for each of your job openings. It is dedicated on find talent through candidate search and scoring. Gild’s platform is built using on elements of predictive intelligence to help hiring managers find the right candidates for their company and make smarter hiring decisions.

Gild rates the candidates depending on their activity on social media, resume, personal website information and also by their published work. All the information is updated in the system automatically and is available to the users in no time. Recruiters can add or delete their notes and if the profile is already saved in the system a message will pop up summarizing the skills set, experience and also the previous notes.


Google Search is a powerful tool to spot social profiles you’re looking for. But writing a query with more than five keywords can actually become messy which seems like a nightmare to type plus making type errors is so obvious which might not give you accurate results. Recruit’em can be your rescuer if you face the same problem. It allows users to input the skills and criteria they’re looking for and then creates the search query automatically. All you have to do is type your criteria including location, education, skills and keywords to exclude. It also allows you to pick the desired network for search like GitHub, Facebook, LI, Xing, Twitter etc. and Recruit’em handles the rest. You can even also save your searches to run again later. To add on as bonus, Recruit’em is completely free.

Final Thoughts

Social media sourcing is a time and resource-consuming process and lack of available candidates adds on to the frustration and struggle to fill open positions for employers. But happily, availability of bunch of candidate sourcing tools can make the whole process simpler by proactively identifying and assessing potential workers on social media.

Social media platforms can provide insights to a person life. But don’t forget an algorithm can make mistakes, recruiters should analyze the results before reaching out to candidates and not overly rely on insights from these tools.

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