Sourcing the right candidates in today’s competitive world is a very vital for hiring/placing the best talent. Although, sourcing is just a step in recruitment process, there are abundant things to be focused on for one to become an expert.

Here are a few steps that we need to focus on to hire desired candidate for any job.

Strategic sourcing:

It starts from analyzing the Job Description on what the must have/nice to have skills are, the category of Industry, the Title of the roles & their alternatives, the Educational qualifications to the Certifications/Licenses, the location/boundary to try within, with all the skills/keywords required are some Key points that the sourcer must focus on.

Sourcing from Job Portals/ATS: It’s the most fundamental process a sourcer starts off with. Having your own ATS will help you find infinite number of potential candidates that’s already stored in the database. When sourcing from the job boards we must take into account the Type of Industry & the location since, there are chances of finding relevant candidates faster from a specified portal.

Active V/S Passive Candidates: As Greg Savage says, “There is no such thing as a Active/Passive Candidate.” Most candidates when offered the right job will definitely listen to what the recruiter has to say! So, there are chances to not ignore the passive candidates.

Social media sourcing: They are not the perfect technique for sourcing but can be alternative tools to try for. Diversifying the platforms we use helps us reach the strong candidate. In today’s trending world we are all connected through multiple social media tools like LinkedIn, Face book, Twitter, Instagram, which helps us search, identify and connect to the right runner.

Marketing Your Company: Advertising the company is a direct aim to pull out appropriate clients, partners, candidates. By posting blogs, subscribing to professional groups on social media, like/comment/share your company keeps reaching to more minds every day.

Perfecting the outreaching message: You’ve worked hard to source the right candidate, but that doesn’t matter if they won’t engage with you. Always, personalizing your message with relevant information is crucial to draw the candidate’s attention to make them respond back.

Even though limited to identifying, screening the candidates to the basic requirements, it all depends on the further process to find out to how they fit perfect in the desired role as well as their interest levels for the same role. The best sourcing teams commit to the idea of deliberate practice to constantly improve and enhance their skills. Hence, considered as an art to consistently reach new heights.