In the past year since we setup shop in Bengaluru, we have lots of interesting stories to share about hiring in India – sometimes funny, sometimes terrifying and in some cases depressing stories. That said, we do have a few nicer stories to tell as well. The other side though makes it for a more interesting read :-).

% of people showing up for Interview – The average must be about 50% or so after you have confirmed that they would come for sure over phone the previous day

% of people showing up on the start date – My guess is its probably in the 60% range for larger companies and 40% range for smaller companies. Most common reason is they are looking for their existing employer to match the salary; Or they are influenced by their friends, friends friends, family, size of the company, indecisiveness; Or the fear of unknown.

% of people who continue to work after 3 months: Maybe 40% range. I have seen all kinds of things happen in the past one year (below are some real reasons I have come across)

– Disappeared for 3 days; Says at hometown and my mom is not allowing me to go back (?!$#?)

– Disappeared for a day and says my girlfriend is so very sick and I cannot come back to office, am resigning immediately!

– I am having health issues and doctor asked me not to work

– Suddenly my sisters marriage is fixed and I have to leave for 1 month; might come back, not very sure!

– Best of all, one person left the laptop and email locked up (unusable) and could not reached at all!

Why? I wonder do people have to lie so blatantly and so often? I wonder if ethics and truthfulness are no longer thought in schools or at home here. Or is it the habit of their social life that’s manifesting itself in their professional life?

Anyways now for all those folks thinking of setting up shop in India, Hire three people if you need One so that the natural laws of percentages in India work out in your favor!!