RPO Myths and false information never rest, there’s really no shortage of myths in the world, even in outsourcing they exist. It’s either the facts and stories are intentionally skewed to prevent the business-minded from outsourcing, or they’re just the result of false information passed through word of mouth.

To help you sort out the myths from the reality, we’ve put together a few outsourcing myths, so you can make smart decisions.

RPO Myth #1: No strategic plan

Outsourcing teams might be enlisted at the beginning of a project or midway through the project. Whether they are there from the start or brought in to help fix an ongoing problem, they are part of the project’s strategy.

Both the organization and the outsourcing team will have a strategy and need to align these strategies at the beginning of the partnership to ensure that they work together to flow and optimize their offerings.

RPO Myth #2: Company communication breakdown

If an organization is outsourcing a team of experts for the first time, they might believe that the communication within the company or project will be disrupted or that job roles will become diluted. This doesn’t have to be the case.

By discussing and deciding the chain of project owners and team members before the project begins, there won’t be a loss of communication, as each team member will understand their individual and team role. A good outsourcing company will set up an optimal communication model for working for everyone, which ensures adequate face time and collaboration through all aspects of the project.

RPO Myth #3: Company culture is disrupted

Similar to the communications concern, some organization might be concerned that their company culture will be interrupted if an outsourcing team is brought in. Company culture is important in any organization, so it’s crucial that it doesn’t change if new individuals or teams are introduced to the company or project or organization.

Although disrupted company culture is a concern for some organization, outsourcing teams can adapt and even add to the company culture. If diluting the team dynamics is an issue, the organization should choose to near shore instead of outsource.


RPO Myth #4: There will be a conflict of interests 

A concern for some organization is that the company which is running the project will have an interest level with the outsourcing team. However, outsourcing teams aren’t there to take over. The role of an outsourced or near shored team is to offer and share their knowledge and expertise with the company, rather than make decisions and create conflict with the client. The decision-making and reporting process should be clearly outlined at the beginning of any joint collaboration.


RPO Myth #5: Only big businesses need outsourcing

Surely only big organizations have the requirement and budget for outsourcing…right? That’s incorrect. Both big and small companies can reap the benefits of outsourcing and near shoring. For example, small businesses can benefit from improved efficiency and flexibility in their organization. Outsourcing can have a direct impact on businesses in various sizes…it is not solely for larger organizations.

RPO Myth #6: Ensures company growth

A company’s growth depends on its people. If the right people are not hired or, positions remain vacant for a long time and work suffers because of it. The company’s growth is bound to be affected. Outsourcing staffing can help you fill gaps, make sure you have the right quality and quantity of people, work runs smoothly, and the company grows consistently.


Outsourcing has become a major player in the growth and development of most companies worldwide, but myths and misconceptions plagued the image of outsourcing. Outsourcing has its strengths and weaknesses. However, companies who want to outsource should use Pragna outsourcing services to their advantage.

One thing that companies should remember is that outsourcing is a choice. It is not inevitable. Companies should make a cost-benefit analysis before engaging in outsourcing or hiring a third-party advisory. However, in these changing times, one challenge remains. Outsourcing companies should innovate to offer better services for their clients. Pragna provides customized RPO services, it helps other companies to bring down the Cost-Per-Hire.