Importance of Email Marketing in Digital Marketing

Importance of Email Marketing in Digital Marketing

Despite the growth and the eminence of mobile chatting applications, e-mail still playing a vital role in one’s online life. According to the figures published in 2019, the number of global e-mail users was about 3.9 billion. It is expecting to elevate to 4.48 billion users by the end of 2024. Many online users use e-mail for e-mail marketing, websites, and newsletter signups.

Email marketing is coming up as a vibrant and robust way to connect with people all around the globe. Take your example; you will be receiving several emails every day related to work, promotional advertisements, newsletters, etc. You will read most of them, get inspired, and look forward to the next one. It is best when it is personalized i.e. it is customized to the actions of the customer so that every communication is pertinent to their interests.

You may ask why e-mail marketing so important for an organization? . Let’s discuss few points which make it an important channel which you should not be ignoring.

More Potent Than Social Media

Social media is playing an important role in a business’s marketing strategy. It’s a platform where you can interact with your audiences. It also helps to strengthen your relationship with them. Hence, it is proving to be a crucial step in ‘conversion’. But email marketing is very useful when it comes to transforming people into prospective clients and members.

For example: When recruiters are looking out for a quality hire, there are so many ways to reach out to potential candidates. But email is an excellent way which is helping recruiters to succeed.

Economic And Cost-Efficient

E-mail marketing is very easy, effective, and cost-friendly. It helps organizations in reaching a large pool of customers and is economical as well. It is turning out to be a better choice for small businesses. Because they would not be required to set aside a significant amount of profits for advertisements.

It has been observed that email is one of the channels which are generating the highest ROI for marketers. With the correct maintenance of the email list, the cost-benefit increases as does the ROI with close relations being established with clients. With higher positive responses that you receive via email marketing at a lower unit cost is a Win-Win situation for the enterprise.

Personal And Tailor-Made

E-mail marketing aims at sending a tailored email message that resonates with the reader and helps provide them with something of value. When you are writing a post on social media you address your audience as a whole, but in email marketing, you use software that allows you to address people individually. Email does not have to be SPAM- it should never be. It could be used benevolently to build loyalty and trust towards the organization. It even helps in building relationships with prospects, leads, current, and past customers.


There’s no guesswork in email marketing. When you are running an email marketing software, you can track who all have opened your email, which links were clicked, and how many people have unsubscribed. You can get a clear view of how your email campaigns are performing, where to make adjustments and improvements.

Mobile Phones Enable People To Check On Emails Constantly

Since every person has a mobile phone today, people can check their email all the time regardless of where they are. Some people might think with the growth and advancements of social media, emails should be pushed to the back seat, but the statistics show that 91% of people are using smartphones to access their emails.
Hence not using email as a part of your internet strategy means you are missing out on a channel that a majority of the world uses and which could affect your economies of scale in the future.

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