Contract or Full Time Which is the Best Method for Hiring

Contract or Full Time Which is the Best Method for Hiring

Many folks have asked me – How does one determine if a resume is suited for Full-time (FTE) vs. Contract positions? The fundamental difference is in the intent for the Contract position is a specific short-term skill need whereas FTE is a hire for company for a specific skill with long term horizon where the employee could perform different roles/jobs in the company over time.  There is no fool proof method, but below are certain characteristics that hold good most of the times, if not always:

Full-time or FTE hiring:

  • Average tenure in previous jobs (atleast 3 yrs or more in US; so candidates have longer term horizon)
  • More emphasis on academic qualifications
  • Look for professional growth (has the candidate grown in skill/level of performance over time)
  • Focus on overall candidate strengths especially in core fundamentals / concepts and Analytical skills vs. only specified skills (this is an important aspect since specific skills can be learnt over time and may become less important once a specific project is completed)
  • Check if candidate has experience in a similar type of company (size, functional area etc.)
  • Emphasis on soft skills like team management, program management etc.

Contract hiring

  • Focus on good matching of required skills and experience wrt to job requirements
  • Look for breadth of project experience and types of projects and compare against current project they are going to work on; match the two as much as possible
  • # of years of experience as a contract or consultant
  • Ability to adapt quickly (e.g., flexible with process; deliverables etc. vs. having own strong views on them)
  • Look for special attributes identified by hiring manager (for example, Analytical skills maybe important for a particular manager but generally less important for contract positions)