Lead Generation

Having a steady and consistent flow of qualified leads in your channel is essential to meet your short-term and long-term sales goals. Lead generation is not just about sending a few emails or doing SEO and hoping for leads to come. To know more about this, Download the attachment..


Our client is a young start-up headquartered in Los Angeles; CA that provides Cyber Security training through its Cloud based virtual labs.


Our client didn’t have the capacity to build up a sales team and required an outsourced partner with the ability to quickly scale and accelerate pipeline results and achieve their growth objectives delivering high quality leads in their key-sectors across California.


  • Highly skilled individuals were responsible for delivering an agreed monthly number of qualified sales engagements.
  • To identify relevant target –personas.
  • Generate brand awareness.
  • Generate qualified leads faster contributing to a Positive ROI.
  • Collect Important Information about Prospects

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Pragna Solutions is a rapidly growing recruitment & technology consultants company. It offers quality solutions for IT project execution, RPO, Offshore Recruiting Service, Sales Prospecting, Digital marketing, Staffing and Strategic consulting that can quickly provide business results for you by harnessing industry-leading technologies.

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