Stay Safe and together we can defeat the Covid-19

Today’s multi-generational workforce is focused around health and wellness and this would be guiding the conversations about same in the workplace post-pandemic as well. Employers who prioritize mental well-being and work life balance have always been on top of the list of job seekers. Employee wellness programs have become of prime focus in many organizations and this will play an even more major role post Covid-19 to attract top talent, also to keep present employees happy and productive, and reduce employee turnover.

Let’s recall workplace wellness few decades ago, obesity and tobacco use were major concerns and reason for increasing health care costs. All wellness programs were focused to combat it. A lot has changed since then. The importance of a healthy workforce is known to all and all it takes to achieve this is revising health and wellness programs regularly to meet new workforce realities.

Well-design wellness programs will not only improve your employee’s health and but also reduce healthcare costs. Let’s look at a few wellness ideas and tips to implement post pandemic without compromising on your budget!

Hosting Office Health Screenings and Importance of Fitness

Exercise is one of the best ways to keep illness at bay. Bring a specialist like Yoga instructor, gym teacher, personal trainer, doctor or someone who has strong command of basic fitness and nutritional needs in your office obviously maintaining proper hygiene and social distancing. Ask the expert to do basic health assessments& screenings and also lay a roadmap to improved health and fitness.Physical health should not be your only point of consideration. For remote workers, loneliness is a major health concern.

Encourage your employees to setup exercise clubs and occasionally initiate a walking meeting or conduct meeting in a park, instead of your regular boardroom meetings.Gift your employee’s fitness wearable which will allow them to track the number of steps taken, exercise minutes and calories burned. This will allow them to track their fitness throughout the day, which will definitely make them more accountable and serious towards their fitness.

Healthy Eating

Employees love it whenever special events happen in the workplace and they miss it even more thanks to the remote working for so many months. The daily grind of their everyday jobs often leads to increased stressed levels. Anything that gains their attention and bring their stress levels down is a good thing. Take the opportunity to integrate a few special events that will make them healthier something like a healthy potluck lunch. Bring in a nutrition specialist or a chef who specializes in healthy food and could show a cooking demonstration. Also, they can talk some common healthy eating myths. Talking about the importance of green juices, fruit smoothies and also just plain water instead traditional junk food can motivate your employees towards eating healthy.

Incentives to Be Healthy

Incentives can take your employees far when it comes to making sustainable, long lasting changes. Combine your employee wellness program with a structured incentive scheme. This would inspire an employee to participate in a weight-loss challenge and collect the cash. Also,if your employees pass certain milestones, such as having a healthy BMI or normal blood pressure, you can cover part of their health insurance premiums. Involving incentives will improve both participation and progress.

Practice 20-20-20 to maintain Eye Health

Eyes are the most important sensory organ for the human being and majority employees suffer from eye issues that could be eye allergies, redness or weak eye sight. Constant working on laptops, mobiles often makes your eyes tired and strained. Employees often forget to take of their most essential organs. Spread awareness about symptoms and precautions for healthy eyes. Relaxing tips for eyes like looking out of a window at far distances, or simply spending a few minutes with your eyes closed. Practice the 20-20-20 rule with your employees where every desk worker is recommended to look at a distance of 20 feet or more, for 20 seconds at regular intervals of 20 minutes to help the eyes give a break from viewing at a short distance such as a screen or document.You can also organize regular eye checkups so that every employee can keep a check of their eye health.

Start a Smoke-Free Policy

Smoking is injurious to health. Everyone is aware of this, smoking not only effects persons own health but also the unhealthy for those around them. Many organizations have tried to resolve this problem by creating a designated space for smoking.  However, this is not final solution as it degrades one’s own health in turn, degrading their overall performance in the workplace. Implementing a smoke free policy and providing cessation materials to employees which will help and teach them how to quit smoking altogether. Quitting smoking is challenging, among all other wellness programs. But keep motivating people by communicating your intentions clearly and often. Make all your employees feel that they are valuable contributors to your workplace success.

Holistic benefits

The whole world is navigating to adapt and deal with the Covid-19 crisis,now employees lookup to their employers to provide solutions to their unique problems. Policies that could address situations like debt or loans, emotional issues, improving community involvement etc. Holistic benefits plans should be created to address all aspects of care, including mind and body components.

The key to have a successful wellness program at work is to encourage overall wellbeing of employees while still keeping it fun. If you can’t get your team interested and engaged then your whole ideas of wellness program will quickly lose steam. Try to make your initiatives more fun, implement new ideas and see what your team likes the most.

Also don’t forget employee wellness programs can be used as a vital component to attract top talent even after the threats of COVID-19 lower. Regardless of the size of your company, there are many benefits you and your employees can reap from an increased focus on employee health and happiness.

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