Hiring the right talent can be game changing for company. It will either make or break your business. Employee recruitment is all about stress management, as your hires will constantly be judged. Hiring highly talented people that match the expected skillset, expertise and personal qualities that align with your company’s goals and values is definitely not an easy task. And job growth and low unemployment across industries have boosted the competition for qualified candidates.

These five Tactics could help an organization entice, identify and secure ideal candidates with the right skills and best culture fit.

Be the Brand Personified

In today’s recruitment market brand is everything. A positive brand image can help a company compel top talent. It’s one of your most valuable assets and one of the main pulling powers that will entice top candidates. You need to think about this in the hiring process. Many candidates would consider leaving their current job if they received an offer from a different company with an excellent reputation.

You need to live up to the candidate’s expectations when working to entice talent. An organization’s brand is its representation to the public,be clear on who you are, consistent with regards to the brand message, and most importantly, be personally representative of the brand values.

Re-Evaluate Job Descriptions

It is essentially important to create unique job descriptions for each open role that reflects all the qualities you seek for in a candidate. Do not rely on standardized job descriptions that could be out-of-date or obsolete. Be clear about what you’re looking for from the very beginning. Include all your values and beliefs in the position description so every candidate has a clear idea of what you value as a company.

Few tips to consider:

  • Make titles as specific as possible
  • Write a captivating summary
  • Include the core responsibilities
  • Keep descriptions succinct

Attend events in addition to job fairs

Job fairs are often industry-based. While job fairs are helpful for finding industry specific candidates,non-recruitment events also provide excellent chances to meet highly motivated and inspiring industry professionals who are always eager to explore, network and advance in their field. To find such group events that are well-attended by professionals’ search forums like Meet up, Facebook, LinkedIn can be utilized. You can interact with qualified people and get them interested in your open position. You can also ask for referrals in other cases.

Get Social with the Candidates

Asking personal questions while interviewing candidates might seem right to few recruiters. But personal questions can often result in awkward and uncomfortable situations. To analyze a candidate better it is always better to spend time on candidate’s social media handles. This will definitely help while screening their answers during interview. Also, spending some time with candidates outside the office will get you a better understanding of how they act in social situations. You’ll be amazed to discover minute things about a candidate by researching their social presence. This can be a great strategy to implement.

Hire Potential Future Leaders

It’s not an easy task to figure out leadership qualities while interviewing candidates. But creating a flexible work staff is the way to creating a strong foundation for your company. Promoting people within organization is a quality of successful company. So, skip any random candidate and look for strong motivation for leadership. These are the ones which you need to get on board first.

Hiring a wrong person does more harm rather than an empty position. Recruitment has its own risks and pressure. But compromising is not the right way to cope up. Smart people working in a company results in outstanding business and to hire exceptional talent your recruitment strategy should be flawless and progressive. Utilizing above discussed tactics would definitely result in improved hiring rates both in terms of time and money, employee retention and workforce working at maximum speed, thus boosting organization’s bottom line.

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