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If you are someone who needs to supplement their full-time staff for, for taxation season, the summer, vacation season, or during any other part of the year when business peaks. When you invest so much on a recruiting seasonal workforce, it’s necessary to the keep few things in mid to onboard someone who represent your business in all aspects.  In this blog you will get a fresh view to look at your recruitment strategy and see where you can enhance your staffing. Several seasonal employees stand out by contributing more to your team than expected.

The holiday hiring season are always known for historically-low unemployment rate thus making it even more challenging to find right candidates in a very tight labor market.

Here are the 5 key skills to recruit top Notch seasonal employees:

Referrals and Recommendations

Seasonal job seekers are always fluctuating. Its difficult to find the right talent on job boards. You got to try different methods to search them. And one of the proven methodologies is utilizing employee referrals. Chances are, your employees know someone who a needs job. Your employee knows what you expect of them. Because of this, they can act as valuable link between you and the potential new employees who they believe are fit for the position. Referrals always rock and you know in total 7 percent of candidates are hired through referrals, and yet they account for overall 40 percent of hires.

Evaluating the Candidates

Many companies, hiring needs doesn’t go beyond a handful of open roles, however, many companies depend on a seasonal workforce and hire in bulk at once. Altering your interview process to deal with large inundation of candidates is necessary. Targeting candidates from the local surroundings is an additional method to find candidates faster and making smarter seasonal hiring decisions. You can find many applicants from school or colleges which are off during the summer months, attracting such candidates brings many advantages, as they seek work to gain some work experience meanwhile earn something, also this reduce potential attendance issues due to long commutes and other unexpected circumstances.

Streamlining Your Onboarding Method

It’s a known fact that majority of seasonal workers won’t be working with you for long, but assuming the same for all might turn out be foolish. Spending too much time to onboard might look like an unsuccessful cost. Budget wisely for your seasonal hiring. Even though you’re hiring experienced candidates to seasonal roles in your company, you must always provide training. Your company could have totally different rules or policies employees might not be aware of if you don’t. You must always provide an orientation package.

Keep Your End Game in Mind

Many companies that hire seasonal workers see them as a resource pool for potential full-time workers. Never assume that your work staff will last through the season, and there won’t be any need to hire more. No matter how much you plan, you still might have to hire some people toward the end of the season. You can redesign your incentive structure for seasonal and permanent workforce. While it’s not required to provide healthcare benefits to temporary employees, but if you tend to convert your seasonal workers, you may want to offer them some benefits and perks, like health insurance, savings plans, and access to the corporate wellness program etc. Having a healthy candidate pool will make all the difference when it comes time to do rehiring.

Choose “same time, next year” candidates

Recruiting new faces every time during a holiday season can be costly and inefficient. Overall efforts put in the whole process can be exhausting and difficult. If you are able to figure candidates who will be available next year during the same time period it would definitely ease, you’re your efforts. You can put efforts build rappo with these candidates and to be in touch throughout the year. Also reserve few spots for the upcoming season for such candidates. This will save both your time and money.

If you have haven’t planned your recruitment strategy for the upcoming busy business season, never mind it’s not too late to utilize some of the above discussed suggestions in place for this year. And after the rush hour, always examine what worked the best the best for you and what needs to be removed or added to your seasonal recruitment strategy. Never leave things to the last minute.

Utilizing a recruiting plan with key components of effective recruitment budgeting, talent pipelines, employee referrals, streamlined onboarding processes will help you cut costs, save time and still help your business to deliver the best and reach set revenue goals.

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