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What do you do first if you need to quickly bolster your team with additional talent? While some businesses have welcomed the potential offered by recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) teams, others have become used to dealing with staffing or recruiting agencies.

How do you choose which approach best suits your needs? Here is a guide to the advantages of each and how to choose if a recruiting agency or RPO is the best option for your company.

A new RPO team is much like new hiring that you make yourself. They will learn about your business strategy, culture, and requirements. They will devote a significant amount of time to identifying your present skill shortages and assisting you in developing a strategy to close them. At some point, they will be knowledgeable about all phases of your employment process, including employer branding, recruitment marketing, interviewing, and onboarding.

In essence, they can assist you with every step of your end-to-end recruitment. These recruiters continue to work with your team even after a hire has been completed, assisting you in evaluating the full candidate experience (from sourcing to hiring) and suggesting improvements for the future. Here are some significant points to consider why placement agencies use RPO.


Candidate experience


Employers and potential employees do not communicate well. RPOs add a human touch to the recruitment process and help bridge the employer-candidate communication gap.


A lack of communication exists between a potential employer and employees. During the hiring process, candidates are kept in the dark, and there is a lot of confusion regarding what needs to be done and when to wait. An RPO improves communication between the company and the applicants and gives the entire process a personal touch.


Any questions the applicant may have are answered, and they are kept continuously informed of the hiring process. This is due to the fact that all applicants must have a favorable experience throughout the application process, regardless of whether they are hired. If the applicant had a good experience, they could recommend the business to their friends; if not, they might damage the company’s image.




The cost of hiring a new employee for the same position is around four to six months. Hiring through Human Resources can cost 60-70% less than hiring through an RPO provider.


The expense of hiring new reps is enormous. According to an overview, it costs around four to a half years of a representative’s salary to hire a rehired person for a comparable role. Costs for everything from business agreements to meetings and preparation put a burden on the organization’s limited resources. Hiring an RPO provider may considerably reduce the amount of money spent on the hiring process.


According to an estimate, hiring through an RPO provider can be 60–70% less expensive than hiring through the human resources department while also freeing up the department’s resources so they may be able to work on other projects. The RPO provider allocates a significant amount of money and time for the firm by using a streamlined-out strategy and planning that increases the efficacy of the recruitment system.


Efficiency and Productivity


Recruiting and the needs of a company have changed a lot over time. These new requirements have required recruitment outsourcing providers to update their expertise, technology, and methodology to stay competitive.

Over time, a lot has changed in terms of a company’s demands, those of its employees, and the hiring procedure. To meet these new demands and stay competitive, recruitment process outsourcing providers have upgraded their knowledge, technology, and approach.


A company’s human resources department typically has a lot going on, and the staff members there are occasionally overworked. By selecting an RPO service, the HR department may concentrate on its other duties by removing the burden of hiring new personnel from its plate. Because the provider has expertise in the recruiting process and is aware of the ideal solution for a firm, it also improves the effectiveness of the entire recruitment process.


Over time, there have been major changes in the requirements of a business, its employees, and the recruitment process. The ability, creativity, and system of Enrolment Process Outsourcing Providers have been updated in order to stay abreast of these new requirements and maintain control of the game. People working in the human resources department often feel quite worn out because they have so much to do.

By selecting an RPO provider, the HR office is freed from the burden of finding new employees, allowing them to concentrate on their various responsibilities. Additionally, because the supplier is familiar with the hiring process and is aware of the best solution for a company, it improves the overall hiring process competency.


Service approach


Businesses are developing quickly, and RPO vendors may have a wide range of hiring services, innovations, processes, and workforces.


Some RPOs will improve an organization’s current hiring practices and collaborate with its current employees. An organization is recommended to speak with RPOs to clear up any questions, double-check their services, and come to a firm decision on which RPO provider might handle their hiring difficulties.


Setting up an RPO agency and monitoring its operations are only the beginning of an organization’s responsibilities. A corporation must take part in the hiring process and provide the necessary support.


A time estimate is also necessary for an organization’s relationship with any supplier, especially at the start of execution. The firm and agency are given a lot of time to come to a common understanding.




If you need to hire someone, you should first determine if it is for a temporary or permanent position. An RPO service provider is more appropriate for your needs if you’re seeking for a good, long-term employee. An RPO service is also a better option if you want to exert some control over the recruiting, hiring, and interviewing processes.


A staffing agency may be the perfect solution if you simply want a temporary employee and don’t want to establish a long-term engagement with one that understands your company’s culture. Although it’s conceivable for businesses to use both choices at some point in the past, it’s recommended to avoid doing so concurrently. For instance, in order to get the most out of an RPO, they must play a significant role in each and every recruiting choice you make.