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Now a day’s business is all about reducing expenses and utilizing man power efficiently in the most intrinsic of business processes. Many growing companies face the dilemma when it comes to recruitment strategies. The competition for finding top talent needed to drive your business is cut throat as you need to compete with large companies. Lack of brand awareness will keep you at disadvantage. Most organizations, irrespective of their size, have transferred their recruitment activities online. If you are facing issues with your current talent acquisition strategy then here is in detail how an RPO solutions can help resolve all your issues.

Improved Quality of hires

This is one of the main advantages of partnering with of an RPO provider. RPO are designed to attract, source, screen and recruit quality candidates for every position. With expertise in technology, employment marketing and recruitment process designing they present you with cream of the milk in terms of available talent in the market. RPO providers can highly impact retention and performance of new joiners in your company.

Cost Reduction

Every day a position remains vacant costs company. And a bad hire can also burn a hole in your pockets. Filling open roles quickly enhances productivity. An RPO saves organizations a lot of amount in long run. They are specialized in using high end job boards and other recruitment technologies like an ATS which makes it easier to track candidates throughout the recruitment cycle. Performance of an RPO is measured by three metrics:quality of hire, cost of hire and time to hire.

Scale Up and Down

RPO models are flexible and can be scaled up or down depending on your recruitment needs. Be it expanding your team by opening a new department or downsizing RPO are structured to adapt to any fluctuating situation without compromising on quality. And you just pay for what you get, leaving the tension on other shoulders.

Improved Employer Branding

Employer branding needs constant efforts and is expensive. RPO provides have a powerful impact on building company’s employer brand. They deliver high level of candidate experience in all stages of recruitment. They reach out to candidates instead of them putting efforts to come to you. They are skilled to sketch an image of your organization as a place to work which acts as a magnet for prospective talent making them want to work with you. RPO solutions drastically cut down the need for direct advertising and also the costs spent on employer branding.

Staying Up with Compliance and Regulations

Being in growing phase and keeping an eye on the all the processes all alone can be difficult and seems impossible. Non- complaint hiring practices can result in certain inevitable risks. RPO partners can save you from such risks. They are expert on existing regulations and stay up to date on any new changes. They are well aware of local and international labour laws and standards and know to handle multiplex legal requirements. They can help you implement compliance-centered, low risk talent hiring strategies.


Choosing a right fit RPO solution that understands can matches your company’s trajectory of values, beliefs and hiring goals can be little challenging a first. But one you cross the initial dilemma stage the benefits can be enormous for both long and short term.  You get to reap the benefits of having expert advise in all stages of recruitment cycle and yet retaining control.

An RPO have a holistic approach to implementing effective recruitment strategies. It is involved in whole process starting from designing, sourcing, screening, onboarding and candidate retention. It standardizes the hiring practices, minimizing compliance related issues. Thus, save you cost, reduce time to hire and build talent pool of qualified candidates.

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