Keeping Your Recruiting Team Engaged Midst Uncertainty

Keeping Your Recruiting Team Engaged Midst Uncertainty

Since the time we came to know about our family and life responsibilities, our struggle starts for a stable life. Your every step means moving towards the financial stability of yours. Somehow, if it gets hampered, it means you a lot because it hinders your job and the entire family. Uncertainty in work is a very crucial stage for an employee. The office is the place where an employee spends almost 12 hours a day. So, how an employee can digest the condition of uncertainty in his career? 

What is uncertainty? Let’s consider the current situation of COVID-19. It is the most uncertain condition from the era, where nothing has left unaffected—the schools, the offices, the workers, etc. The employees are losing their jobs in vast numbers. Everyone is a bit insecure about their stability in the work. So, as a manager, what will you do if your team feels discouraged due to this uncertain time. As a leader, it is your significant responsibility to keep your recruiting team engaged amidst uncertainty. I am presenting a few techniques using which you can make your team encouraged.

First, Take Care Of Self 

I will consider “taking care of yourself” as an essential point before you start to finish with your employees. If you are not fit, you are stressed, you are not confident and relaxed, then how will make your team feel full of energy. It would be best if you stood with a positive attitude, and then only you will able to involve your team at work. Don’t show them that you are stressed. Get each one involved in the book. Ask yourself, “How can you support someone in this unstable time?” “what do you want to be to deal with such a condition?” If you get the answers to these questions, you are ready to go to your employees.

Give Them Your Compassion

You are the leader. But, you reached the position of stepping being an employee. So you are very well known about the feeling that if your leader doesn’t listen to you, how it affects your work. So, it is essential to listen to the team one on one, know about their issues, and try to make them comfortable. Keeping your doors open and regular check-ins are the most promising way to show you are ready to cope with their issues. They can get relax by involving you in their shoes. 

Communicate Like You Never Been Before

You are the boss, so don’t go with the thought of being the boss. Pin drop silence kills the communication, and it is not always beneficial. Ask your team for the updates, even if you are not new to it. This small action comes as in, the employees are still the priority for you, even in the crises. Even though you have learned Business Continuity and Crises Management rules, it does not teach how to deal with it. Problems don’t come up with the shape and menu card. It could sometimes be worst than your imagination. So, your sense of action defines you, how you treat the employees. 

 Share Your Calculated Decisions

This tiny thing can get your team into confidence. Don’t be afraid of sharing your calculation chore before your employee approaches you for the permission. Making decisions for paid leaves, adjusting working hours to taking care of the family, and remote work schedule emphasizes your employees’ significant impact. Sharing these details before your team contacts, make them feel comfortable and involved in bookworm. 

Being a senior, it is not always essential to be a leader. No one has a book that can teach the art of dealing with the crises. It is you and your way of thinking that makes you the boss. If you have the powers, it is equally important how you utilize them, making your boss.

Just like every other sectors, the recruitment industry is amidst uncertainty. Pragna solution can be your key to hassle-free recruitment. We are a team of competent consultants and HRs who target and get you quality hires even in this COVID 19 situation. For any assistance for recruitment solutions, Pragna solution can offer you the best recruitment services. To know more about our services, check out our website.


5 Tips on How to Use Email Marketing Strategies for Recruiters Success

5 Tips on How to Use Email Marketing Strategies for Recruiters Success

Email Marketing for Recruiters

When recruiters are looking for quality hire, there is more than a way to reach out to the potential candidates. Apart from LinkedIn and other social media site, email is an excellent tool to reach out to the potential candidates and urge them to apply for the job. If you are thinking that email is an outdated method, the statistics says otherwise.58% professionals never fail to check their email, and if you are counting the hours, they spend an average time of 2.5 hours a day checking their emails.

Email marketing serves a targeted method of sourcing candidate. You must have been using email as a source of communication. But when you take up email marketing as a recruiter, there are few tips than can help you make the right candidate reply to your email.

Surf for the best automation email marketing service/ platforms

When the goal is to reach out to qualified candidates, you must look for a few important features while selecting the most suitable email marketing automation platform. Here are the checkboxes you must tick while checking the feature.

  • Segmentation
  • social media integration
  • A/B testing
  • Personalization
  • Performance monitoring through data analytic
  • smart content

Some of the best emails marketing automation platforms are, Contact solution, Hubspot. If you are looking for marketing solutions, do not forget to visit our website.

Segmentation is inevitable

Another significant factor which decides the efficiency of your email marketing strategy is segmentation. Segmentation of your email compliant list can be based on several factors such as job roles, active and passive job seekers, and experience in the industry or in the same domain. The main aim of segmentation is to pick the list of email recipients who are qualified and interested in the job vacancy you are offering. A pre-defined job role and expected experience can help you in the segmentation, so you don’t shoot emails at people who are not at all interested.

Simple and Clear Content with every required information

A complicated and vague content won’t help you in the success of email marketing. The email should contain the following details in clear and simple language (better to avoid jargons).

  • A few lines about your company (backed with your website link)
  • Job description of the vacancy
  • Expected qualification requirement
  • Benefits of the job like flexibility of working hours, health insurance, free trainings etc.
  • Expected or starting salary with the scopes of increment
  • A clear call to action

When a person opens his inbox, he scans through the mail first and then opens the one that catches his attention. So never forget to add suitable subject to your mail.

Personalizing attracts attention

Personalized emails get a better click rate than non-personalized email. As a recruiter, when you are enlisting the name of the recipient, you can create a connection and urge him to read through the whole mail. Your email compliant list contains a section of passive job seekers, you can increase their engagement and enhance their chances of conversion through regular newsletters or blog posts related to their professional skills, tips on job interviews or some programs or courses to upgrade their skills.

Visible Call-to-Action

The primary purpose of email marketing for recruiters is to pool application of qualified professionals fitting well in the vacancy. So, if you miss out to convey a loud and clear call-to-action, you may end up getting 5 applications per 100 emails. Either opt for an integrated ‘Apply Now’ or clearly state where the applicants can send their CV. You may also enlist the contact number of the recruiter so that the applicants can clarify any query related to the job. In order to lure job seekers for prompt action, you may use infographics to draw their attention to the lines or button of call-to –action.

Email marketing is an evergreen strategy that can help you get the desired response if used correctly. As a recruiter, you can definitely make your job of sourcing candidates less hectic through effective email marketing. The above mentioned tips can help you to kickstart or redefine your email marketing for recruiters.

What were the pain points of your marketing strategy? Let us know in the comment section below

3 Ways to Cut through the Chaos and Attract Top Talent

3 Ways to Cut through the Chaos and Attract Top Talent

Recruiting the foremost effective talent isn’t as easy as several people want to assume. An employee hasn’t had a lot of choices throughout the work search. Public and personal sector organizations face similar talent shortages and more and more deploying ingenious ways in which to draw in and retain high performers. However, for organizations with tight budgets like cause-based nonprofits, state & native governments, and academic establishments, competitive against the non-public sector supported compensation alone is troublesome to try to.

With a powerful job market, employees prefer companies with smart cultures, competitive pay, and advancement opportunities. Giving employees what they need will assist you to induce and keep the top talent.

With these few tips techniques and strategies, you can put into play in order to cut through all of that noise and attract more candidates.

Company’s mission and values

According to LinkedIn’s work Culture Report, eighty-six % of millennial would take into account a salary cut to figure at an organization whose mission and values align with their own. Establish the foremost vital skills and values for your company. Then fill positions around those desires rather than simply hiring one worker to exchange another.

It ought to be obvious for anyone who’s hung out in metallic element that employees do not solely wish to understand however their work ought to get done and the way it’s being measured, but also, that they perceive however those efforts align with the future mission, and vision, of their various employers – and why those efforts refer the business.

Employee Happiness

No, this doesn’t merely mean telling candidates what proportion you price worker satisfaction. Once the corporate culture is formed upon the principles of advantage, it reflects on the retention levels of the organization conjointly.

Think of your current workers as walking, talking billboards. Also, you already assume your current workers are talented mean, and productive. This army of workers members can facilitate to not solely rave regarding your culture and boost your employer’s name however in addition to expand your reach and broadcast your hiring must their own webs of contacts.

Employer Brand Advantage

For brands with operations unfold across geographies, or for conglomerates with several businesses below them, ‘one size fits all’ approach doesn’t work. It’s not necessary that the story a whole desires to speak is that the same all told the regions.

When you consider promoting a business, you seemingly consider selling your product or services to consumers. However, if you’re progressing to attract the proper talent to your organization, you ought to place even as a lot of stress on promoting your brand.

Change goes to come back. It’s up to you to confirm your employees go together with it.

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7 Strategies To Manage Remote Teams More Efficiently

7 Strategies To Manage Remote Teams More Efficiently

The Internet along with other technologies has made remote working a reality for employees and has completely revised the way businesses operate in the today’s modern world. But this change is also one of our greatest competitive strength. We can hire talented people from any part of the world.

We live in a connected world so, connected that we don’t even need to leave our comfort zones and still get the work done on fingertips. Modern day job seekers and businesses all over the world are adopting the same in the form of virtual teams.

So, before learning how to manage remote teams let’s first understand what it is?

Virtual teams are teams entirely consist of remote workers. A virtual team is a group of individuals or employees who are geographically scattered across different locations locally or globally and different time zones sharing information and cooperating in real-time using various technology tools like online communication, cloud applications etc. Managing virtual teams has its own set of challenges and benefits, but overall the benefits outweigh the difficulties.

Here are 7 strategies on how you can manage your virtual employees

Choose right communication tools

Communication is one of the top challenges for remote teams. It requires a plan to drive it. Since teams aren’t together in a co-located office, everyone needs to be dynamic in creating a communication schedule⁠. Discussion that takes place in an office can sometimes be immensely helpful and productive, generating new ideas that might not have come to light in another context. Email, in particular, is a solid tool for conversation, Skype or Google Hangouts are great for quick instant messaging.

Virtual phone systems centered on cloud technology can be used for quick calling and task management. Also, Project management tools can help you keep your communication in a lot more organized manner and you can refer to it whenever you want. It also helps new people when they join, as they can refer the previously discussed points. Also using screen sharing tools like TeamViewer, etc. comes handy when you want multiple people to see the same screen in real time.

Promote remote team building

Remote team building won’t happen naturally and it’s not an overnight process, it requires constant efforts on your part as a virtual team manager, also from your team members. Some easy ideas for team building are a daily video standup, a weekly meeting where the team can share about their personal life along with professional thoughts like what they did over the vacation or weekend. Additionally, setting professional goals contributes to being systematic and puts people in the right mindset.

Track working hours

In a flexible environment, it’s becomes difficult for a manager to actually find out how many hours team members are working or even if they are working at all. In this case you need to track work hours by using software to make sure that your team members are working on the tasks at hand, few software can help you see what projects are being working on, which websites team members are visiting, applications being used, and even time spent working and time on breaks in real time.

Make expectations clear

Simply telling verbally someone to do a task is usually not the best way to go about managing teams. Put your expectations into writing exactly what you expect from your virtual employees including work deadlines, work hours, availability, and response times. Also include small details that are specific to your business which can cause trouble when working with virtual employees.

Build trust

It is important for the executive team to cultivate and encourage an environment of trust and give team members the benefit of the doubt. This should go without saying. Leaders are still bringing the idea that remote work does not mean less work. Build trust in your colleague’s by giving them space to speak openly to discuss individual ideas without ridicule or judgment.

Employees should feel comfortable while having conversations where they can be honest and frank with each other as this will help build strong relationships not matter which part of the globe they are located.

Over Communicate

More communication means more trust-building, less confusions and misunderstanding and better teamwork. Also, not to mention, it is one of the key components which adds to the broader success of the organization in long run. Effective communication can the solve the problem of many employees who feel isolated working outside the office.

The individual may overthink about the quality of their work judged or just feel out of the loop. While communication is essential for remote teams, overloaded information can quickly become a problem where no one understands anything.

Rewards & Recognition

Have you heard of the saying “no good deed should go unrewarded”. Make sure you set up a reward system to keep your team motivated and its better pinpoint the team members that can take on more responsibility. You do get up personally and praise your employees and probably pat on their back when they do something good. Remote employees work just as hard as employees based out at an office. And they need the occasional praises to stay motivated just as much, if not more.

With time teams are becoming more and more spry and less constricted to a physical location. Managing a remote team is fun and challenging at the same time. Ultimately it has proved to be rewarding for many companies across the globe. If you want to remember anything from this post, it is to bump in with your remote teams frequently, and make sure everyone gets the time they need. If you’re planning to build a virtual team, then keep the above tips in mind and arm the tools you need to be successful.

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Unique Tools to Boost Your Social Media Sourcing

Unique Tools to Boost Your Social Media Sourcing

We live in a connected world and with the advancement of technology in terms of social media it will more connected tomorrow. Social media is a valuable platform for any recruiter that acts as a wide source of information. Over the last few years social media recruiting has taken epic leaps. On an everyday basis recruiters are connecting to more and more people to find talent via social media. Social media allows companies to extend their reach to both active and passive candidates, meanwhile also build a community of followers.

Social media come handy when you want to find talent with niche skills. There is a scarcity of such talent in the market along with tough competition. So, to hire the right fit got to be real quick and Innovative and dynamic. But with all the positives recruiting on social is a time-consuming process which requires continuous dedication and patience.

But to help your search on social media and cut down time and efforts you have certain tools that will boost your hiring process. In this article we will unveil few such social media sourcing free tools and discuss how they can come handy.


Finding all the contact information and getting them to respond back to your connection invites is one of the most time-consuming aspects of recruiting. ContactOut is an application that asserts to be able to find double the number of contact details and email addresses as of LinkedIn. It also claims to unearth email addresses for three-fourth of the western world. ContactOut is a tool that can help you with the process of finding contact info of candidates in easy and quick way.


It is a tool built by a team from Google and Microsoft that develops machine learning-based searching to help recruiters and hiring managers. It comes with credentials and have partnered with LinkedIn. Connectifier integrate browser extension with a considerable database of candidates to provide recruiters with a large candidate research tool. It also has a ‘Auto-Search’ sidebar option which helps recruiters to find more information about candidates, including email addresses and phone numbers, thus making it easier to reach out.


TalentBin is a tool developed by Monster in known for aggregating all the relevant candidate info into one rich profile. Their algorithm gathers a range of social data thus giving you a complete backdrop on every candidate. With the help of TalentBin the whole process of candidate sourcing and outreaching becomes more effective and seamless.

It has the ability to source potential talent just by simply parsing a job description and it also highlights the mentioned skill set on the candidate’s profile. After you have found the right fit candidates, you can reach out to them by using any of the media mentioned on their profile like Email, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. It also helps you craft a customized message template to fit according to the medium you have chosen to contact the candidate and also highlight the skills of your choice.


Gild accumulate information from around the Web to design a detailed candidate profiles for each of your job openings. It is dedicated on find talent through candidate search and scoring. Gild’s platform is built using on elements of predictive intelligence to help hiring managers find the right candidates for their company and make smarter hiring decisions.

Gild rates the candidates depending on their activity on social media, resume, personal website information and also by their published work. All the information is updated in the system automatically and is available to the users in no time. Recruiters can add or delete their notes and if the profile is already saved in the system a message will pop up summarizing the skills set, experience and also the previous notes.


Google Search is a powerful tool to spot social profiles you’re looking for. But writing a query with more than five keywords can actually become messy which seems like a nightmare to type plus making type errors is so obvious which might not give you accurate results. Recruit’em can be your rescuer if you face the same problem. It allows users to input the skills and criteria they’re looking for and then creates the search query automatically. All you have to do is type your criteria including location, education, skills and keywords to exclude. It also allows you to pick the desired network for search like GitHub, Facebook, LI, Xing, Twitter etc. and Recruit’em handles the rest. You can even also save your searches to run again later. To add on as bonus, Recruit’em is completely free.

Final Thoughts

Social media sourcing is a time and resource-consuming process and lack of available candidates adds on to the frustration and struggle to fill open positions for employers. But happily, availability of bunch of candidate sourcing tools can make the whole process simpler by proactively identifying and assessing potential workers on social media.

Social media platforms can provide insights to a person life. But don’t forget an algorithm can make mistakes, recruiters should analyze the results before reaching out to candidates and not overly rely on insights from these tools.

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Recruitment Strategy to Onboarding Exceptional Seasonal Employees

Recruitment Strategy to Onboarding Exceptional Seasonal Employees

If you are someone who needs to supplement their full-time staff for, for taxation season, the summer, vacation season, or during any other part of the year when business peaks. When you invest so much on a recruiting seasonal workforce, it’s necessary to the keep few things in mid to onboard someone who represent your business in all aspects.  In this blog you will get a fresh view to look at your recruitment strategy and see where you can enhance your staffing. Several seasonal employees stand out by contributing more to your team than expected.

The holiday hiring season are always known for historically-low unemployment rate thus making it even more challenging to find right candidates in a very tight labor market.

Here are the 5 key skills to recruit top Notch seasonal employees:

Referrals and Recommendations

Seasonal job seekers are always fluctuating. Its difficult to find the right talent on job boards. You got to try different methods to search them. And one of the proven methodologies is utilizing employee referrals. Chances are, your employees know someone who a needs job. Your employee knows what you expect of them. Because of this, they can act as valuable link between you and the potential new employees who they believe are fit for the position. Referrals always rock and you know in total 7 percent of candidates are hired through referrals, and yet they account for overall 40 percent of hires.

Evaluating the Candidates

Many companies, hiring needs doesn’t go beyond a handful of open roles, however, many companies depend on a seasonal workforce and hire in bulk at once. Altering your interview process to deal with large inundation of candidates is necessary. Targeting candidates from the local surroundings is an additional method to find candidates faster and making smarter seasonal hiring decisions. You can find many applicants from school or colleges which are off during the summer months, attracting such candidates brings many advantages, as they seek work to gain some work experience meanwhile earn something, also this reduce potential attendance issues due to long commutes and other unexpected circumstances.

Streamlining Your Onboarding Method

It’s a known fact that majority of seasonal workers won’t be working with you for long, but assuming the same for all might turn out be foolish. Spending too much time to onboard might look like an unsuccessful cost. Budget wisely for your seasonal hiring. Even though you’re hiring experienced candidates to seasonal roles in your company, you must always provide training. Your company could have totally different rules or policies employees might not be aware of if you don’t. You must always provide an orientation package.

Keep Your End Game in Mind

Many companies that hire seasonal workers see them as a resource pool for potential full-time workers. Never assume that your work staff will last through the season, and there won’t be any need to hire more. No matter how much you plan, you still might have to hire some people toward the end of the season. You can redesign your incentive structure for seasonal and permanent workforce. While it’s not required to provide healthcare benefits to temporary employees, but if you tend to convert your seasonal workers, you may want to offer them some benefits and perks, like health insurance, savings plans, and access to the corporate wellness program etc. Having a healthy candidate pool will make all the difference when it comes time to do rehiring.

Choose “same time, next year” candidates

Recruiting new faces every time during a holiday season can be costly and inefficient. Overall efforts put in the whole process can be exhausting and difficult. If you are able to figure candidates who will be available next year during the same time period it would definitely ease, you’re your efforts. You can put efforts build rappo with these candidates and to be in touch throughout the year. Also reserve few spots for the upcoming season for such candidates. This will save both your time and money.

If you have haven’t planned your recruitment strategy for the upcoming busy business season, never mind it’s not too late to utilize some of the above discussed suggestions in place for this year. And after the rush hour, always examine what worked the best the best for you and what needs to be removed or added to your seasonal recruitment strategy. Never leave things to the last minute.

Utilizing a recruiting plan with key components of effective recruitment budgeting, talent pipelines, employee referrals, streamlined onboarding processes will help you cut costs, save time and still help your business to deliver the best and reach set revenue goals.

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