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In the competitive period, the volume of candidate for a job position is increasing but there is no substantial increase in recruiting teams. Introducing AI into an existing process involves an investment of time and money.

This new technology is designed to modernize the recruiting workflow, high-volume tasks.

  • Saving recruiters’ time

Screening resumes and shortlisting candidates to interview is estimated to take longer hours of a recruiter’s time for a single hire.

  • Improve the quality of applicants

AI can help you formulate clear, descriptive job descriptions, which helps to explain what exactly you’re looking for in applicants.

  • Automating conversations

Related to specific hiring or job questions, candidates can get the answers they’re looking for at any time of the day. This reduces your need to respond to emails or phone calls without reducing the experience of the candidate.

  • Better Experience for Candidates

When job candidates and applicants can get the answers, responses, and information they need quickly and easily, they’ll feel more compelled to stay connected with your organization.

  • Cost Effective

Reduce the cost for to hire additional recruiters, interviewers, reduces turnover and save money on training, signing bonuses, and other expenses associated with taking on new team members.

  • Improves quality of hire

AI improves the quality of hire by the usage of data matching between candidates’ experience, knowledge, and skills and the requirements of the job.

  • Reduce bias

Achieve the goal of various teams as it will rank and score candidates based on qualification and leave unfairness out of the decision of whom to add to the short-list of top candidates.

  • Innovative

Intelligent screening software that automates resume screening, recruiter and digitized interviews that help assess a candidate’s fit.

  • Boost Efficiency and Recruitment Productivity

AI automation in recruitment makes things simple, effective, and saving time for the hiring managers so that they can hire smart candidates who would be a culture add.

AI can used in the following:

  • Job Publishing

AI evaluate the data about the company like the companies’ culture, hiring process, and current employees in order to govern the companies top match their particular candidate.

  • Candidate Screening

AI acts as a personal assistant to recruiters by programming many of the routine tasks that eat up the day. One of the best ways to utilize AI is through chat bots and automated message services.

  • Talent Acquisition

AI can remove tons of stressful and uninteresting work from HR managers, like talent acquisition software can scan, read, and evaluate applicants and quickly.

  • On-boarding

AI extremely productive in practice since new workers who went through well-planned on-boarding programs had much higher retention rates than their peers who didn’t have the same opportunity.

  • Training

AI can successfully plan, organise, and coordinate training programs for all staff members.

  • Performance analysis

Using AI tools, HR managers are facilitated to set real goals and let all units work in smaller increments. This type of work is easier to follow and evaluate, which creates better results

  • Retention

AI has the ability to analyze and predict the needs of staff members. It can determine individual similarities and who are dissatisfied with the life-work balance.